My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 1 COUNTDOWN, Release Date, Release Time, News, and Everything You Need to Know

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My Hero Academia fans around the world are so excited that season 5 is just a few days away! It was announced that My Hero Academia Season 5 will air on March 27, 2021. Season 4 showed a lot of mysteries that needed to be solved by Season 5, and fans are expecting to know the answers to these once the new season starts.

For the upcoming season, fans are looking forward to see Eri's progress in terms of her powers and Sir Nighteye's other predictions. Fans also want to see how the League of Villains rebuild and if there will be any more additions to their team. Lastly, fans want to understand the meaning behind Midoriya's cryptic dream about other One for All hosts.

What could possibly happen next? Here are the information about Season 5 Episode 1's release.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 1 Release Date and Release Time

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 1 COUNTDOWN 1
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On March 11, 2021, animetv_jp announced that My Hero Academia Season 5 will have episode 0 that will be released on March 27.

The said episode is a recap about what happened in the previous season to give fans a reminder of what they should expect with Season 5. New fans can also check this out to give them an idea of what the show is all about (in case they can't watch the first four seasons). The first proper episode will then be released on April 3. It has been said that all episodes will be released every Saturday at 5:30PM JST and fans can watch these on Yomiuri TV.

Meanwhile, international fans can stream the episode 0 and episode 1 on Crunchyroll as long as they have a subscription. Those who prefer to watch from other streaming sites will have to wait until the series is released.

My Hero Academia is expected to have 25 episodes in the first season, although no confirmation has been made as of yet. Fans are also excited for the dub release. If you are itching for some more My Hero Academia content, the Manga is currently ongoing for the shonen series.

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