My Hero Academia Creator Shares Beautiful Toga Art to Celebrate Volume 38's Release

My Hero Academia Himiko Toga

My Hero Academia Himiko Toga

The series’ latest volume was finally released in Japan. And to celebrate the release of My Hero Academia Volume 38, series creator Kohei Horikoshi shared an illustration of Himiko Toga.

This Toga illustration features the fan-favorite MHA character in a slightly different outfit compared to her usual one.

Toga is also depicted holding a copy of Volume 38, which features herself on the cover.

Horikoshi releases illustrations like these from time to time on Twitter, and as with most of his other art, this one got a lot of attention from fans.

Toga Gets the Spotlight in My Hero Academia Volume 38

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While she may not be among the highest-ranked characters in popularity polls, it’s fair to say that Himiko Toga is still a favorite among many fans for her chaotic nature and eye-catching look.

It may have been a long time coming, but finally, Toga was given the spotlight in the latest My Hero Academia volume, which was released in Japan last June 2.

The cover depicts Toga seemingly in mid-transformation and with striking colors. Check it out here:

As Toga has lots of fans, many were delighted to see her finally get on the cover. And while Toga was featured in a previous volume cover, this is the first that features only her.

Aside from celebrating her, Toga on the cover makes sense given that the latest volume features chapters where she plays a major role.

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Himiko Toga Fans Are Eating Good With Kohei Horikoshi’s New Illustration

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A few days after the new My Hero Academia volume’s release, Horikoshi shared the special Toga illustration to celebrate the new volume going on sale in stores.

The illustration shows Toga in a different kind of uniform while surrounded by some knives.

Aside from what seems to be some battle scars, Toga also holds a copy of the new volume in her hands.

In the tweet, Horikoshi mentioned that he thought the volume’s release was on June 4, hence the delay in sharing the artwork.

He also mentioned that a special postcard is available with every purchase of the new volume.

Less than a day after the illustration was shared, it already got over 180k likes.

Though this is no surprise given how pretty much all of Horikoshi’s tweets get over 100k likes and thousands of retweets.

In the meantime, Horikoshi is on another one-week break due to health issues. This means the next My Hero Academia chapter is delayed by a week.

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