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Wear Himiko Toga’s Outfit in My Hero Academia x Earth Collab

My Hero Academia Earth Collab Himiko Toga

My Hero Academia is about to get new projects like the upcoming battle royale and a special anime episode. Now, fans can look forward to a My Hero Academia fashion line in collaboration with earth Japan Label, which includes a recreation of Himiko Toga’s signature outfit piece.

The new fashion line was revealed on earth’s official website and X (formerly Twitter account).

There, details about the pieces were shared, with each being inspired by specific characters and outfits in the popular shonen series.

Earth Japan Label Reveals New My Hero Academia Collab

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Previously, earth Japan Label teamed up with Jujutsu Kaisen for a collection that features a recreation of Yuji Itadori’s hoodie. That fashion line also came with a cool Sukuna-inspired knit cardigan.

The Japanese fashion brand didn’t stop there with anime crossovers though, as it also revealed a new My Hero Academia collection.

For this latest collaboration, earth Japan Label came up with ten creative pieces ranging from tops, accessories, and a tote bag.

Based on their designs, the collection is a must-have for the biggest My Hero Academia fans.

One of the most interesting items in the collab is a pair of knit gloves that are patterned after Deku’s signature hero outfit gloves. They won’t be able to handle the excessive force of One For All, but they’re perfect winter gear.

Along with this, the collab also features a cardigan that’s based on the U.A. gym uniform. Instead of looking like a cosplay piece that’s more fit for an anime convention, this cardigan is stylish enough for everyday wear.

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Himiko Toga’s Black Mask Recreated in earth Japan Label Collection

Perhaps the most eye-catching piece of the collection though is the knit snood that’s patterned after Himiko Toga's signature black mask that she wears around her neck.

It might not be a one-to-one recreation, but it is a piece that looks very much like Toga’s mask when worn around the neck.

The collection might not have the rest of Toga’s outfit, but earth Japan Label does have some apparel pieces that can make for a stylish Himiko Toga getup. Best of all, it should look great enough for casual use.

Other pieces in the collab include a Tomura Shigaraki-inspired scarf and glove combo, as well as a knit stole patterned after Shoto Todoroki.

The My Hero Academia x earth Japan Label collection will be available for pre-order in Japan tomorrow, September 22. There’s no word yet on international release plans for this collab.

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