Get to Know the Main Characters of My Hero Academia!

My Hero Academia Characters
Credit: Bones

My Hero Academia Characters
Credit: Bones

My Hero Academia continues to make a mark on the anime world with its compelling storyline and diverse cast of characters. Throughout the years, fans have invested a lot of emotions in these characters, and it's only fitting to provide more information about them. So, we've compiled every My Hero Academia main character's age and birthday right here!

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My Hero Academia Characters
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Credit: Bones

My Hero Academia takes place in a world where quirks or superpowers are common, resulting in the emergence of heroes and villains.

Given this, a school was established where youngsters can hone their gifts for future use. This institution determines whether they will become Pro Heroes or not.

Pro Heroes are individuals selected to protect the city from villains.

My Hero Academia: Every Main Character's Age & Birthday
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The characters in My Hero Academia are well-loved by fans of both the anime and the manga series. From the heroes to the villains, all fans have their own favorites.

That being said, every detail regarding the characters matters, including their current age and birthday.

So, check out your favorite character's age and birthday below!

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How Old Is Izuku Midoriya?

Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, is the main protagonist of My Hero Academia. He is All Might’s only apprentice, the quirkless hero who receives the power of One For All.

In his first appearance, Midoriya was only 4 years old. By the time he applies to the U.A., he is already 15 years old. Currently, Midoriya is 16 years old.

He was born on July 15, and his height is 166 cm (5’51/4), but his weight is unknown.

Midoriya’s hair color is green, as are his eyes. His blood type is O.

Katsuki Bakugo’s Age, Birthday, and Height

Katsuki Bakugo’s Age, Birthday, Height, and More
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Katsuki Bakugo, who refers to himself as Kacchan of the Bakugos, is Izuku’s childhood bully turned classmate and rival at U.A. His quirk is Explosion.

Similar to Izuku, Bakugo was only 4 years old when he debuted in the series. During the U.S. Sports Festival Arc until the Dark Hero Arc, he was 16 years old. Currently, Bakugo is 17 years old.

Bakugo was born on April 20. His height is 172 cm (5’71/2), but his weight is unknown. He has ash-blond hair and red eyes. His blood type is A.

My Hero Academia's Characters and Their Ages and Birthdays

Every Main Character's Age and Birthday in My Hero Academia Deku
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There are a lot of characters in My Hero Academia, but here are some of them:

  • Shoto Todoroki: 16 years old, January 11
  • All Might: Unknown, June 10
  • All For One: More Than 100 years old, Unknown
  • Tomura Shigaraki: 21 years old, April 4
  • Ochaco Uraraka: 16 years old, December 27
  • Tenya Ida: 16 years old, August 22
  • Eijiro Kirishima: 16 years old, October 16
  • Yuga Aoyama: 16 years old, May 30
  • Momo Yaoyorozu: 16 years old, September 23
  • Fumikage Tokoyami: 16 years old, October 30
  • Denki Kaminari: 16 years old, June 29
  • Mirio Togata: 18 years old, July 15
  • Shota Aizawa: 31 years old, November 8
  • Endeavor: 46 years old, August 8
  • Himiko Toga: 17 years old, August 7
  • Twice: 31 years old, May 10
  • Eri: 7 years old, December 21
  • Dabi/Toya Todoroki: 24 years old, January 18
Every Main Character's Age and Birthday in My Hero Academia Dabi
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Based on the info above, most characters in My Hero Academia are 16 years of age, given that they are classmates in school.

The villains are mostly older than those from Class 1-A, but that does not mean they are incapable of facing and defeating the bad guys.

All Might and All For One's ages are unknown because of the nature of their quirks.

The youngest in the series so far is Eri, which is quite expected because she has a special quirk that can rewind or reverse the state of any living thing.

Which among these characters is your favorite in My Hero Academia? Make sure to let us know on Twitter!

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