My Hero Academia Chapter 305 Release Date and Time

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With the premiere of My Hero Academia Season 5 drawing ever closer (March 27th can't get here soon enough!), interest in the manga is reaching a feverish peak as more and more people want to know what is going on with Izuku Midoriya.

In chapter 304, Izuku is still in a coma and having a very important meeting in his mind with most of the previous holders of his quirk, One For All. In the meeting, they inform Izuku that no normal person can hold on to the quirk for long. If someone has multiple quirks, it will literally eat away at their body with one holder dying of old age at the age of 40! With fewer and fewer people being born without some kind of quirk, it becomes obvious that Izuku might be the last person to hold on to One For All. The question is, what can he do with it before the power destroys him?

When is the My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 305 Release Date and Time?

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The new chapter of My Hero Academia will hit shelves in Japan on Sunday, March 14th. English readers will be able to read it that same morning on Viz Media's manga subscription service, Shonen Jump.

The new chapter will be released in Japan at 12am Japan Standard Time, which means it should be uploaded to the service either at or shortly after 7 am Pacific/10 am Eastern.

My Hero Academia is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down, so I don't believe we are in any real danger of Izuku Midoriya dying at any point in the near future. After learning the truth about One For All from its former wielders, however, we might be getting to a point where Izuku will have to choose between having a quirk or having a long life.

It's long been established that having a quirk means absolutely everything to young Midoriya. He has risked his life many, many times in the process of saving people he hardly even knew because of his quirk, and he will continue to do so for as long as his body allows. However, now that he knows the truth, could we see him hang up his gloves entirely after he finally defeats the villain who is terrorizing the city and its heroes?

Fans won't have to wait long to find out as the new chapter hits digital shelves on Sunday, March 14th!

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