My Happy Marriage Is the Biggest Summer 23 Anime on Netflix

My Happy Marriage Netflix Miyo

My Happy Marriage Netflix Miyo

It may come as a surprise to some, but the biggest Summer 23 anime on Netflix is My Happy Marriage, the new fantasy romance anime by Kinema Citrus.

While Summer 23 has quite a number of shows available on Netflix, based on the platform’s official Top 10 website, My Happy Marriage is indeed the most-watched of the season.

This is a surprise given that some of this season’s biggest shows are available on Netflix in other countries, but it makes sense given the series’ interesting romance premise.

My Happy Marriage: An Unexpected Contender of Summer 23

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Summer 23 is another big season thanks to highly anticipated titles like Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 and Mushoku Tensei Season 2.

As for new shows, Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead is also getting a lot of attention.

As you can see, these titles are mostly action-focused. This is a possible reason My Happy Marriage is quickly becoming one of the dark horse titles of the current season.

It helps that it has an interesting story that takes a Cinderella-inspired premise and puts it in a Meiji Restoration Japan setting. Plus, the series has some unique fantasy elements.

Specifically, the story follows Miyo Saimori, a young woman who is born without supernatural talent into a prestigious family and is thus treated as a servant.

When she becomes of marrying age, she is betrothed to Kiyoka Kudo, a commander who is described as a “ruthless soldier.”

Miyo resigns herself to her fate, but she soon discovers that her new husband-to-be is far from the monster that rumors suggest.

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My Happy Marriage Is the Biggest Summer 23 Anime on Netflix

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Given this interesting premise, coupled with the colorful visuals from Kinema Citrus (of Made in Abyss and Barakamon fame), My Happy Marriage quickly gained a lot of views on Netflix.

On the official Netflix Top 10 website, it’s revealed that My Happy Marriage has reached the Top 10 in 26 countries worldwide.

On top of this, the show has the most hours viewed of new Summer 23 shows (not counting the second half of Record of Ragnarok Season 2 which got multiple episodes in one go).

Of course, that doesn’t mean this is the most-viewed show of the season.

After all, other big titles like Jujutsu Kaisen are not available on Netflix in the US or are available on multiple streaming services like Zom 100.

Still, it’s a good indication that there’s a lot of interest in My Happy Marriage.

As such, it won’t be a surprise to see it become the breakout hit of summer as the season progresses.

New episodes of the show are released on Netflix worldwide every week.

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Source: Netflix Top 10

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