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Ms. Marvel Director Explains Why the Series Delayed Its Release

Ms. Marvel finally made its debut earlier this summer and fans have been delighted and charmed by the newest hero in the MCU who is expected to have a larger role in the franchise moving forward. However, the series was supposed to premiere last year before it got delayed. Now, we finally know why it took a long time for them before they released the series.

In an interview with The Direct, director Shareem Obaid-Chinoy, who helmed the fourth and fifth episodes of Ms. Marvel, explained the reason behind the series' release delay. While she attributed it to the reshoots, she did say that there were not a lot of major changes to the story as most of them were just pickups to make sure that there is a cohesive storyline.

"I think that we went back and did some pickup shoots in which we were tying the story in together, and making sure that there was a sort of cohesive storyline that ran through," Obaid-Chinoy said. "And I think that each, you know, sort of, with each one of the episodes, when you sort of complete the series, you go back and you just think about all of the other things that you could have brought in and done that. So we did a few pickups here and that."

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Obaid-Chinoy also cited the pandemic as the reason behind the delay especially since some scenes require a lot of extras and they also filmed part of the series abroad.

"I think it was the pandemic. To be honest, I think that the pandemic was so cyclical, that every time we thought it was coming to an end, it would re-emerge its sort of ugly head," she explained. "And I think that there are some very big scenes in Ms. Marvel and that require, you know, hundreds and hundreds of extras and that are shot on location, and they're outdoors. And, you know, there is international travel and, and I think that putting a six-part series that is shot in multiple countries with diverse crews and multiple characters in a pandemic requires time."

The reasons that Obaid-Chinoy stated are very understandable since they started production at the height of the pandemic when there were still challenges that they have to face in terms of logistics. While it took a lot of time for them to release the series, at least it's finally here and we can pretty much say that the long wait was worth it as they took their time in making the series.

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New episodes of Ms. Marvel premiere every Wednesday on Disney+.

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