Mr. Robot Season 4 First Look Revealed

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Credit: USA Network

It certainly has been a long wait for the final season of Mr. Robot but we now have our first look at what to expect this year. The first image promoting Mr. Robot Season 4 is simple yet haunting at the same time.

The official Twitter account for Mr. Robot teased on Season 4 with a lengthy poem which concludes with a photo of the fsociety mask drawn into the snow with blood. Check it out below.

The full poem reads as follows:

"‘Twas the winter of 2015, mere months after the hack,
And Evil Corp's stock prices were starting to bounce back.
The top 1% slept snug in their beds,
As dreams of corruption danced in their heads.
"You see, brothers and sisters, they'd fallen on hard times,
Those corporate pigs finally paid the price of their crimes.
Now, they thought, the year was at a merciful end,
But they were wrong. So very wrong, friend.
"Their error was simple. Their thoughts empty-hearted.
They forgot about us and the revolution we'd started.
They mistook our silence, for defeat or for fear,
Without ever realizing our wrath was still near.
"So, while they slept with wallets bloated and swollen,
We prepared to take back everything that they'd stolen.
And this time, they won't survive our onslaught.
The ones playing God will perish and rot.
"One last time, come fight for our revolution,
Make those in control suffer swift retribution.
Then, brothers and sisters, we'll sing till we ache:
'We are fsociety, and we are finally awake!'"

It's certainly a tease for Mr. Robot Season 4 and fans are hoping this means that a trailer for the final season will be released soon. We'll keep you updated once we got more details.

Creator Sam Esmail has previously confirmed that the fourth season will be the last one and will consist of 12 episodes. The show's final season will be Rami Malek's first performance since winning the Best Actor Oscar for Bohemian Rhapsody.

Mr. Robot Season 4 has not yet been given an official air date. Nevertheless, it is expected to premiere on USA Network by fall this year.

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