Who Are the Most Popular English-Speaking VTubers?

Most Popular English-Speaking VTubers
Credit: Gawr Gura / Hololive

Most Popular English-Speaking VTubers
Credit: Gawr Gura / Hololive

Whatever your position is in the dubbed vs. subbed anime debate, English might feel easier for those looking to get started with VTube. If so, we've collated a list of the most popular English-speaking VTubers!

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1) Gawr Gura

According to Hololive, a VTuber database, Gawr Gura is by far the most popular English-speaking VTuber with over 4.3 million subscribers.

Gawr Gura came to earth from the legendary lost Atlantis. She doesn't remember her own age but was over 9,000 when she got into VTube, proving that it's never too late to achieve your dreams!

2) Mori Calliope

Mori Calliope is part of VTube's Hololive first generation alongside Gura and other VTube personalities.

At 2.2 million followers, she has half of Gura's fanbase but she's still the second most beloved VTuber.

Calliope used to be Grim Reaper's apprentice. Since modern medicine started hurting her chances at employment, she found a new way to bring souls to her; VTube!

3) filian

Filian is an indie English-speaking VTuber who's affiliated with Mythic Talent. She has around 1.8 million followers.

She spends most of her time streaming gaming content on Twitch, but she's also on YouTube.

4) Watson Amelia

VTube fans love Watson Amelia, a particularly investigative member of the VTuber scene.

With 1.7 million followers, she's another fast-growing idol. She enjoys puzzle games and streams video game content.

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5) Ninomae Ina'Nis

If you'd like to add some weirdness to your YouTube feed, you might want to become one of Ninomae Ina'Nis' 1.5 million fans.

Despite looking like a normal girl, she's been a priestess of the Ancient Ones ever since a book she found gave her the power to control tentacles.

You will find her singing and streaming games like Stray. She also streams in Japanese and Korean.

6)Takanashi Kiara

Takanashi Kiara is another one of Hololive's first-generation English VTubers.

Despite looking just like a regular girl, the eternal idol is a phoenix who can't die but gets reborn from her ashes.

As such, she doesn't have to worry about burnout while she works hard toward her dream of owning a fast-food chain.

7) Nyatasha Nyanners

Up for something indie and darker? Nyatasha Nyanners would love to have you on her channel!

The pink-haired, cat-eared girl, is, in fact, an ancient evil being -- her true form is an eldrich abomination.

Nyanners is still affable enough, all things considered. She is now an idol trying to take over the world, one follower at a time.

8) Vox Akuma

If you'd like to meet a male VTuber, Vox Akuma is the most popular on YouTube, with over 1.3 million followers.

He's a 400-year-old demon who used to hold great power. Nowadays, he spends his time singing and protecting his loved ones with his supernatural powers.

9) Kson

Kson is a VTuber with around 1.25 million subscribers. The 22-year-old is a former gang member who is now affiliated with VShojo.

Apart from English, she also streams in Japanese.

10) Shxtou

Shxtou, also known as Shoto, is the only male VTuber on YouTube's Top 10, along with Vox Akuma.

You can also find him on Twitch, where he's a bit more active, streaming game walkthroughs.

Unlike some other characters on this list who are demonic beings, Shoto is a chosen one, born to be the demons' bane.

Frankly, we want to see how a collab between him and Vox Akuma or Nyatasha Nyanners would go.

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11) senzawa

If you can't take the whole VTube thing seriously, you might find senzawa entertaining.

Some VTubers take themselves way too seriously for anime-like beings.

In contrast, senzawa is known for her parody videos and her satiric content.

In much of her content, she makes fun of anime tropes and pop culture.

12) Mysta Rias

Mysta Rias is a NIJISANJI VTuber known for his intelligence and eccentricity.

He appears to be in his mid to late twenties, but his birth certificate suggests that he's over 80!

Rias is a detective who has solved many mysteries. Collaboration with Watson Amelia, anyone?

13) Luca Kaneshiro

Luca is a male VTuber with around a million followers. Like Kson, he used to be a gang member before VTube won him over.

But despite his attempts to maintain a mafia boss reputation, he's actually fairly sweet.

14) Ike Eveland

We're now moving on to VTube channels with less than a million followers, but Ike Eveland's VTube channel is nevertheless growing fast!

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When he isn't streaming or singing, Ike Eveland is a novelist who changes completely when thinking about his next project!

Any writers in the VTube fan community can take inspiration.

15) IRyS

If you're interested in VTubers who are also supernatural beings, IRyS -- another Hololive persona -- is part angel, part demon.

She likes singing and hinting at her mysterious past, particularly her second awakening.

16) Ironmouse

Ironmouse, who started off as an indie VTuber, is now part of VShojo.

Like others on this list, she's also a demon. Don't let that intimidate you, though.

Presently, Ironmouse has ditched her duties in the underworld and is living her best life as an entertainer.

Apart from English, she also speaks Spanish.

17) Shu Yamino

Like Luca Kaneshiro, Ike Eveland, Mysta Rias, and Vox Akuma, Shu Yamino is part of NIJISANJI's Luxien group.

Much like others on this list, he has a mysterious past as a sorcerer. However, VTube streaming won him over!

18) Ouro Kronii

Ouro Kronii is a mysterious member of Hololive's second generation.

Currently, she has a little over 860,000 subscribers, but she has plenty of room to grow.

She's a member of the Council and controls time. On VTube, she does song covers and game streams, including Minecraft.

19) Nanashi Mumei

Nanashi Mumei is another reasonably popular second-generation English-speaking VTuber from Hololive.

Like Ouro Kronii, she's a member of the Council and acts as guardian of Civilization.

20) Shylily

Lastly, Shylily is an independent VTuber with 745,000 followers. She is currently focusing on Twitch game streaming.

Follow her journey as a guiding light for those lost in the icy waters where she grew up. Of course, Shylily is a skilled gamer, too.

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