Can VTubers Date Each Other? How VTuber Relationships Work Explained

Can Vtubers Date Each Other
Credit: Nana Nanato / Siokazunoko / Fujimi Shobo

Can Vtubers Date Each Other
Credit: Nana Nanato / Siokazunoko / Fujimi Shobo

VTuber content is an increasingly prevalent but relatively new phenomenon, and newcomers to VTube might have questions. For instance, can VTubers date each other? Here's what we know right now!

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What Are VTubers in the First Place?

VTubers, also known as Virtual YouTubers, are online YouTube channels where an anime-like avatar, rather than the person behind it, is the main focus.

The VTube phenomenon began in 2016 and has since then exploded in popularity.

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So, Can VTubers Date?

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Credit: Nana Nanato / Siokazunoko / Fujimi Shobo

In theory, VTubers can date in a way similar to fictional characters. VTubers' relationship statuses can take different forms, and there are a few things to bear in mind:

Digital vs. Personal Life

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Credit: Gawr Gura

First of all, it's important to understand that VTube is based on avatars whose personalities and way of life aren't necessarily the same as the people behind the camera.

Some creators of VTube avatars keep their personal life private. In that case, they would use a VTube avatar to role-play a character who is in no way similar to themselves.

This can be especially true for people whose potential significant other or family doesn't engage with VTube.

The person behind the camera could be single, in a relationship, or married.

Sometimes, they might choose a different relationship status for their avatar on purpose, either because it fits their avatar's narrative and background, or to protect their privacy and separate their personal life from their creative work.

Others might be interested in sharing more of their lives with their fans, much like YouTubers.

In this case, the avatar's life might share similarities with the person behind the screen.

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Arrangements Between Real-Life Creators

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Credit: Nana Nanato / Siokazunoko / Fujimi Shobo

VTubers' "dating" can happen through mutual collaboration arrangements between the people behind the avatars. However, the relationship between VTubers doesn't always reflect the relationship between their creators.

Dating or married people might sometimes choose to take the relationship with them in the virtual world of VTube as well, especially if all partners are VTubers.

Of course, fans shouldn't conflate avatars' dating with real-life dating unless explicitly told so.

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In certain cases, two or more real-life creators might make content together. In this case, their VTuber avatars might interact.

When such collaborations take place, friend duos are more common than couples, but there's nothing stopping creators from having a dating duo if they wish.

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Choosing Not to Date

Choosing Not to Date VTubers
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Credit: Shylily

Ultimately, some VTubers might prefer not to address dating at all. In fan communities, there's often a vocal minority who might harass creators whose choices they disagree with, even if there is nothing inherently problematic about them.

Character relationships are often an issue fans feel very strongly about. There's nothing wrong with fans having their own preferred ships, but in some cases, they can be very vocal about outcomes they dislike.

Since no dating option is going to make everyone happy, it's understandable that some VTubers would rather focus on less divisive topics.

Ultimately, while parasocial relationships are understandable, it's important to respect creators' choices about their avatars and the amount of personal information they're comfortable sharing.

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