Hololive EN’s Amelia Watson Reveals Her Favorite Anime

Amelia Watson Favorite Anime

Amelia Watson Favorite Anime

Hololive EN is one of the most popular VTuber groups right now as they were one of the first big ones to pop up during the meteoric VTuber rise of 2020. Recently, one of its OG members, Amelia Watson, was interviewed by Febri, where she shared her favorite anime as well as her VTuber journey.

Febri is a notable publication in Japan for its interviews with various anime staff members and voice actors.

So, it was a pleasant surprise to see that they have an English interview with a popular VTuber.

This just goes to show how popular they’ve become over the last couple of years.

Amelia Watson and Hololive EN

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Amelia Watson is one of the five members of Hololive EN’s first generation which debuted back in September 2020.

Before their debut, Hololive already became hugely popular among western viewers thanks to the numerous translated clips that were shared online.

Because of this, there was lots of hype behind the company’s first English VTuber group.

It’s fair to say that 2020 was the key turning point for the industry. That year’s COVID restrictions meant that most people were stuck at home, leading to a wave of interest in streamers.

In her Febri interview, Amelia Watson (or Ame for short) noted that around the time that she auditioned, “VTubing was not as big as it is now.” Because of this, she wanted to “be part of something big” and soon auditioned.

She soon passed her audition and debuted, though Ame noted in her interview that she felt that she had a lot of things to improve on, especially the social aspects of the role. These include connecting with talents and her audience.

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Amelia Watson and Her Favorite Anime

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The interview also touched upon more interesting behind-the-scenes stuff, but anime fans (which comprise a large part of Ame’s audience) will be delighted with the anime talk part of the Febri chat.

Specifically, Ame mentioned that one of her favorite recent anime is Golden Kamuy.

She praised the show’s historical and factual aspects, as well as its “funny, charming, and SEXY!!!” characters.

Ame also mentioned that she has been a big fan of anime since her early years.

She said that some of her favorite anime growing up are Inuyasha, Code Geass, and Cowboy Bebop.

Her love for Japanese media doesn’t just end with anime though, as Ame also noted that she’s a big fan of games and books/manga from the country.

Recently, Ame got to visit Japan along with her fellow Hololive EN members. She also had collab streams with Japanese Hololive members.

In case you missed them, the stream replays are available on her YouTube channel.

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Source: Febri

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