Moonbyul Explains Origin of New Album 6equence

Credit: MAMAMOO/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MAMAMOO/YouTube Screenshot

Moonbyul expanded her career even more outside MAMAMOO by releasing her new album, 6equence.

The past years have been fruitful for MAMAMOO members as they decided to go solo while performing with the group. For Moonbyul's part, she first explored the industry as a solo singer in May 2018 when she collaborated with Red Velvet's Seulgi for her debut single, Selfish.

She waited for almost two years before dropping her first EP, Dark Side of the Moon, during Valentine's Day of 2020. Fans had no choice but to wait again until she finally dropped her latest EP, 6equence, this year.

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Moonbyul Discusses 6equence's Origin in New Interview

On Wednesday, the K-pop idol formally presented her solo mini album to her fans alongside its title track, LUNATIC. She shared more details about it in a new interview shared by Naver.

According to Moonbyul, she worked hard during the whole process of album making as it marked her first solo album after one year and 11 months. She then discussed following the album's title in order to create a scenario within the project. With that, she ensured she was there during the writing process of both music and lyrics.

She also explained how she came up with the album and set love as its theme.

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"This album is a continuation of the universe from my previous solo albums. If you consider my first album 'Selfish 'to be my birth, then good and bad is differentiated through 'Dark Side of the Moon.' After only thinking about yourself, you learn good from bad and then discover that it takes love to embrace all of that."

As for the title track, Moonbyul said that LUNATIC is a two-faced image like Jekyll and Hyde as it shows how love can start warm and end up cold once a couple gets bored.

MAMAMOO Offers Full Support to Moonbyul

Although the girl group is yet to make a comeback yet, its members reportedly spent time supporting Moonbyul's solo projects.

The K-pop idol mentioned that she met Solar recently and showed her the song and its choreography. Her co-member reportedly said she finally found the performance that fit her perfectly.

Moonbyul did not have a chance to talk to Wheein, who recently had her solo comeback. Still, she sent her a heartfelt message wishing her well in her project.

"This is a group that's like my youth. Since I spent my youth so spectacularly, it's also a name that holds a lot of pressure. Whenever I do something, I'm called 'MAMAMOO's Moonbyul,' so making a mistake can cause harm. I think that's why I'm that much more careful about my speech and behavior," she went on.

Fans can watch Moonbyul's gift, LUNATIChere.

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