Moon Knight Episode 3 Ending Explained

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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight! Read at your own risk!

More often than not, it’s never a hero’s story when there is no sacrifice for the greater good and now, Moon Knight turned its pages in this vein with Khonshu making the impossible possible. On the other hand, Harrow remains evil and he attributes such to the Egyptian god of the moon. Here is what happened in Episode 3, The Friendly Type.

Moon Knight Episode 3 Ending Explained

Moon Knight Episode 3 Ending Explained
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Moon Knight Episode 3 Ending Explained

This episode takes us to the sandy dunes of Egypt and its rich culture with the sceneries and music that the makes of the show injected in this run. The story deepens as the Egyptian gods make their appearance, other than Khonshu, of course, and they are here to alter some pivotal points in stopping Ammit from being resurrected.

However, the Ennead council or the gods that Khonshu was able to call when he summoned a solar eclipse, they do not seem to favor him at all. Marc is welcomed by Yatzil, the Avatar of Hathor. She warns him that the feeling will be strange but he would get used to it. The Ennead council convenes and all the avatars summon their gods, in attendance were Horus, Isis, Osiris, Tefnut, and Hathor, five gods, enough to reach a quorum.

Khonshu pleads his case and raises his allegations on Arthur Harrow who will be summoning Ammit any moment and Harrow enters the scene where he was able to turn the tables against Marc. There, the council gave a warning on Khonshu that the next time he changes the sky, stone prison will be the consequence.

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Knowing the consequences of his actions and wanting to do all it takes for Ammit’s resurrection to be stopped, for the first time, Khonshu, who was once so strong and so determined, let his guard down and made the ultimate sacrifice vulnerable, and he offers a sacrifice for the greater good: he broke the promise he had with the gods and manipulated the skies once more.

Khonshu is the god of the moon and he says, “I remember that night, I remember every night.” His voice is haunting, as if he accepted his looming fate. This time, to change the skies, he did it with Steven’s help to bring the skies to when the map was made. . Khonshu’s words are haunting, “Steven, tell Marc to free me.”

Khonshu knew the cost of his sacrifice: stone imprisonment. But for Marc, Steven, and Layla, for the greater good, he gave himself up. The avatars of the gods convenes and imprisoned Khonshu. There, Harrow talks to Khonshu’s stone figure and attributes to the god of the moon his victory.

Harrow has so much pain and suffering with Khonshu that he bore a monster instead of a protector. See, Khonshu may have his wrong ways to stop evil but looking at all other aspects, he is right to call against Ammit who will kill countless of innocent lives. Now, the fate of the world is in the hands of Marc and Steven but without Khonshu and his wisdom, will they be able to pull off the plan and stop Harrow?


Moon Knight Episode 3 is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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