MONSTA X Joohoney Wants To Break THIS Notion About Older Boy Groups

Credit: STARSHIPTV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: STARSHIPTV/YouTube Screenshot

MONSTA X Joohoney is aware that his group is becoming the rookie idols’ sunbae (senior).

In 2015, MONSTA X experienced being a hoobae of the senior K-pop idol groups in the industry. But as years go by, the K-pop group becomes the senior of those groups that debuted after them.

Nearly seven years since they began conquering the industry with their style and unique identity as a group, MONSTA X has already received 139 nominations and won 51 of which. They have also released several Korean, Japanese, and English albums.

Despite that, MONSTA X and other K-pop groups who have been in the industry for years cannot run away from people’s conceptions about them – but Joohoney wants to change that.

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MONSTA X Joohoney Wants To Break People’s Idea About Old K-pop Groups

Ahead of their comeback, Joohoney sat for an interview with Arena Homme Plus magazine where he shared details about his career, especially people’s thoughts about K-pop groups like Monsta X.

The rapper explained that he had the hardest time producing their 2021 title track, GAMBLER. He said that he wanted to change people’s notions about veteran idol groups, pouring little effort into their comebacks as time went by.

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By creating a powerful song, he could prove that they are not making music half-heartedly.

“Because if a song has a powerful sound, its choreography gets more powerful as well. I feel apologetic to the members who suffered [because of the intense choreography], but looking back on it now, I think it was the right decision. Because it made MONSTA X’s unique color and style even clearer and more developed,” he said.

His comment resonated with the fact that he has grown so much as an individual. The K-pop idol said that their fans, Monbebe, made MONSTA X members grow. In return, he reportedly wants to work hard and repay them for their help.

Joohoney Showers MONSTA X Members With Love

Elsewhere in the interview, Joohoney genuinely expressed his love toward his K-pop group, calling them his second family.

Per the K-pop idol, he will never forget his co-members no matter what. He then called them the “coolest and most admirable people” in South Korea.

MONSTA X is expected to make a comeback next month. Starship Entertainment has not dropped more details about it yet.

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