MONSTA X Introduces The Latest Mini-Album SHAPE of LOVE + Shares The Main Points Of The Title Track

Credit: starshipTV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: starshipTV/YouTube Screenshot

MONSTA X recently returned with its 11th mini-album SHAPE of LOVE. After about five months, the Starship Entertainment boy group released another masterpiece consisting of six tracks, all composed and produced by members Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M.

Debuting in 2015 through the Mnet survival program No Mercy, MONSTA X had become a scene in the Kpop industry with an unrivaled stage presence and genius musicality.

As the members actively receive great love from global fans, they have continuously proved their worth to be a powerhouse group that makes every genre their own.

In particular, days after the new album was released, the members held their fan concert for three consecutive days, from April 29 until May 1.

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MONSTA X Releases Another Masterpiece Dedicated To Fans

The new album SHAPE of LOVE expresses various aspects of love, especially that of MONSTA X’s love for MONBEBE, the name for their fandom.

Specifically, Joohoney once again took the helm and produced the title song, “LOVE,” while Hyungwon and I.M also added completeness to the well-made album with their own self-composed tracks.

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MONSTA X Describes New Mini-Album

In an interview, MONSTA X introduced the 11th mini-album SHAPE of LOVE as an album with the main theme of love. According to Minhyuk, SHAPE of LOVE captures various aspects of love that exist in the world.

And what makes the album even more precious is that the members poured all their efforts and affection, especially Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M, who had gifted masterpieces that will remain in every fan’s heart.

The former Vogue Ship Show radio host also shared what fans should watch out for in their new title track, “LOVE.”

Minhyuk says that the point of “LOVE” is the members’ sexiness that melts in the middle of calmness. He also asked fans to pay attention to the song’s intro, which represents MONSTA X as a whole.

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On the other hand, Kihyun emphasizes Hyungwon’s addicting intro part as well as the choreography for the chorus, where they raise their hands above their heads.

Joohoney also gave another interesting part in the song’s choreography. In particular, the main rapper suggested that fans will also pay attention to the bridge part wherein they gave their all.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X has released its 11th mini-album SHAPE of LOVE on April 26 at 6:00 PM KST. The talented group has started promoting their title track on M Countdown and even won first place in Show Champion.

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