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Minx Season 2 May Soon Find a New Home

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Minx fans have a reason to celebrate as they may once again see Joyce (Ophelia Lovibond) back on the small screen as its producer, Lionsgate, is now looking for its new home network or streamer that will air Minx Season 2.

HBO Max surprisingly canceled the show, reversing its decision to renew the series, when it had already filmed most of Minx Season 2 episodes. Since then, there have been hopes that a new outlet will pick up the show.

The Search for a New Home

According to an article by Bloomberg, there’s a high possibility that the series would find a new home or another platform, considering it was produced by Lionsgate and not Warner Bros. Discovery, which went on a cancellation spree to cut costs and save on budget.

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Lionsgate is already shopping the rights to the show, and its buyer should have a good deal as HBO “already fronted a lot of money.”

That said, Minx Season 2 may find a new home “in the next few days,” and though Netflix is not the perfect fit for it, there are many candidates out there.

Jake Johnson Shares Hopes for Minx Season 2

Just like fans, Jake Johnson, who plays the role of Doug, has no plans to give up on Minx Season 2 after HBO Max canceled the show following giving it the greenlit.

In a post on Instagram, the actor shared a photo of him and Lovibond and captioned it with a second-season update.

“We’re still finishing the season. So thankfully they didn’t halt production,” he wrote. “We’re about a week away from being finished shooting.”

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Aside from canceling the series, HBO Max removed its first season from the platform.

Despite that, Johnson remained hopeful.

“Hearing S1 & S2 (and hopefully S3) will find a new home… The question is where,” he continued.

HBO Max Canceled Minx Season 2

In December 2022, HBO Max canceled Minx Season 2 despite its renewal in May.

Sources said it was already preparing to wrap its production when Warner Bros. Discovery announced its decision. It also planned to take off its debut season from the platform; thus, Lionsgate wanted to shop the series to other outlets.

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“We have enjoyed a good partnership with HBO Max and are working closely to find a new opportunity for Minx, so current, and new viewers can continue this journey with us,” Lionsgate said in a statement, per Variety.

Minx is a 1970s-set comedy that follows the story of Doug, the low-rent publisher, who works with a young feminist, Joyce, the create the first pornographic magazine for women.

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