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Minecraft Player Recreates VALORANT's Jett and Haven

A highly-dedicated Minecraft player has recreated the VALORANT agent Jett and her wind abilities, giving fans a look at the South Korean agent's aggressive power in a blocky version of the tactical shooter's map, Haven.

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Credit: Riot Games

Redditor kurobekuro shared a video clip of their amazing recreation of Jett in her ultimate ability, Blade Storm while performing her other wind abilities like Tailwind to instantly dash away, Updraft to reach "Heaven", and Drift to float around Haven's A site, taking down enemies to ace the round (five kills in a round). It's kind of hilarious that the enemies are not firing back at the overpowered Duelist agent, but it's still cool to see how the Minecraft player is able to recreate her moveset.

Watch the video clip here:

Not only did the Minecraft player manage to accurately recreate Jett's abilities in the blocky sandbox game, the map seen in the clip appears to be an entire recreation of Haven (the only map in VALORANT with three Spike sites). If you want to explore this recreation, you can check out the entire Minecraft version of Haven on Planet Minecraft.

In Minecraft, players can create almost anything by using the open-world sandbox game's iconic blocks and their imagination. Thanks to the game's mechanics, players have been recreating movies, TV shows, real-life locations, video games, and entire worlds from popular media properties. Because the game is strictly in first-person, the recreation of FPS games is popular within Minecraft's community.

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This is not the first time a VALORANT map was recreated in another popular game. Earlier this month, we shared about a Fortnite player who recreated the tactical shooter's Ascent map.

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