Best Minecraft YouTubers in 2022

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Minecraft, though its initial 1.0 release was over a decade ago now, is still one of the biggest games on the planet, if not the biggest. While Minecraft is an extremely popular game itself, the millions of hours of video content built around the game continue to keep Minecraft relevant. Unfortunately, since there's so much content out there, it can be hard to decide what to watch.

So, in this article, we're going to introduce you to the very best Minecraft YouTubers you can watch, right now, in 2022 regardless of what kind of Minecraft player you personally are.


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Credit: Pixlriffs

Pixlriffs is a longtime Minecraft content creator known for his equally longtime work on a huge number of Minecraft series on YouTube. Outside of his Hermitcraft fame, though, Pixlriffs is perhaps best known for his Minecraft Survival Guide series, which now has hundreds of episodes spread across multiple seasons.


In the Survival Guide, Pixrlriffs walks viewers through an entire playthrough of a Minecraft Java survival world. And by entire we mean Pixlriffs does everything you can do in a Minecraft survival world. From your first steps in a fresh world to defeating the Ender Dragon to building every farm imaginable, Pixlriffs has an episode for it all where he walks you through each step in the process.

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And while Pixlriffs does play on Minecraft Java and gears the Survival Guide for Minecraft Java players, many of the episodes of the Survival Guide apply to Minecraft Bedrock as much as they do Minecraft Java. Plus, most of the projects that Pixlriffs covers that only work in Java can be easily Googled to find a Bedrock design.


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Credit: Voltrox

Do you play Minecraft Java? Do you play survival? And do you like building farms? If your answer is yes, Voltrox is an essential Minecraft YouTuber. He has a huge variety of farm build guides, and they stretch back across a huge number of Minecraft updates, which often change build designs and break other ones.


If you've searched for a Minecraft farm build guide on YouTube, you're probably familiar with the endlessly long intros, the skipping over of important steps in the build, and occasionally even jump cuts where a project goes from in-progress to complete. These features of Minecraft farm build guides make it hard to find good, simple guides.

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Voltrox cuts straight to the point, lists the resources you'll need for a particular project, doesn't bother with voiceover, and shows the whole build process in his videos. What's more is that most Voltrox videos run for about five minutes or so, so you won't have to settle in for anything too long.


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Credit: silentwisperer

Silent is like the Pixlriffs of the Minecraft Bedrock community. He's got his longtime Minecraft survival Let's Play series Truly Bedrock where he not only plays the game but progresses through it, builds farms, and walks the viewer through how to play the game. That's just the beginning, though, because Silent is actually best known for his Bedrock build guides.


While Silent has a huge variety of different Minecraft Bedrock farm build guides and some are short, simple, and easy, Silent also has a big focus on more ambitious projects and farms. Plus, he always lists required resources, he's great at showing the size of a farm so you can find the perfect place for it, and he always updates his videos with pinned comments when a certain game update changes something about a farm.

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Regardless of your Minecraft Bedrock version or if you want to try your hand at a simple automatic chicken cooker or build a fully-featured raid farm, silentwisperer probably has a build guide for you. However, do make sure you've got some free time to work through a build guide for an ambitious project like a raid farm because it will take a while.

JC Playz

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Credit: JC Playz

JC Playz, who goes by Jason in his videos, is like the Voltrox of the Minecraft Bedrock community. He has an endless supply of farm build guide videos spread across the various Minecraft Bedrock versions, so whatever you're looking to build in Bedrock, he'll have a guide for it.


Also like Voltrox, JC Playz videos are short and sweet. He does provide voiceover for his videos alongside required resource lists, albeit lists in the video itself and not the description, but he doesn't waste any of your time. Plus, any updates or build tweaks will usually appear in the comments.

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JC Playz does generally do a good job of showing each step in a build, but sometimes he can skip over something and require a bit of a rewind. Unlike silentwisperer, JC Playz isn't very concerned with showcasing the dimensions of a completed build beforehand, so make sure you prepare a good spot to build your farm first.


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Credit: ibxtoycat

Pixlriffs covers Minecraft Java news, updates, and even Snapshots of upcoming releases, but Minecraft Bedrock YouTubers like silentwisperer or JC Playz don't tend to focus too much on this kind of content. ibxtoycat is a great, general-purpose Minecraft Bedrock YouTuber who runs a variety of Let's Plays, has lots of interesting one-off Minecraft Bedrock videos, and he covers all the latest Minecraft Bedrock updates, news, and new features.


ibxtoycat's Let's Plays are less focused and mechanically complex than similar series from YouTubers like silentwisperer or Pixlriffs and more about pure, casual entertainment, but ibxtoycat is a great resource for understanding the differences between the Minecraft Java and Bedrock versions of the game, which none of the other YouTubers on this list go into.

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And like Pixlriffs examines the latest features in (or coming to) Minecraft Java, ibxtoycat covers all the newest features in Bedrock as well as how to get to and access them, if they're useful or interesting, and more.