Fortnite Player Recreates Ascent Map From VALORANT in Creative Mode

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Over the years, Fortnite's creative mode has improved significantly, and what creators have been able to build continues to be more impressive. Recently, a Fortnite creator shared their fantastic work recreating the iconic VALORANT map Ascent one-for-one in the battle royale game.

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Credit: Riot Games

Clips of the Fortnite creation were shared on social media, revealing the VALORANT map recreated in the game. You can watch the clip shared by Valorant Source below:

This Fortnite creative map looks almost identical to the original version in VALORANT thanks to its choice of materials and near-perfect scale.


Fortnite's custom version of Ascent is great between two and ten players. If you want to have a VALORANT-like experience while playing the popular battle royale, then this creation is worth checking out. You can play this map in the game by using the creative code “6386 6940 2913”, but don't expect to be able to play VALORANT's standard Spike plant/defuse mode in Fortnite.

The Italian-inspired VALORANT map was launched when the game was released by Riot Games in July 2020, and it's considered to be a fan-favorite among professional players and fans because of its wide open spaces and unique site layouts. Overall, the map design of Ascent looks great. It wouldn't be surprised to see if other VALORANT maps will be recreated in Fortnite's creative mode. Hopefully, Riot will also develop a creative mode for VALORANT in the near future.

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