Millie Bobby Brown Wants To See Eleven Losing Her Powers In Stranger Things Season 3

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The end of the second season of Stranger Things gave Eleven a new lease at life with Police Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) officially adopting the series' favorite psychokinetic lab experiment. Now, as Netflix's hit horror science fiction series prepares for its third batch of episodes, Millie Bobby Brown is hoping she gets to see Eleven lose her powers in Stranger Things.

FYC just recently had a screening of Stranger Things, and during the event's Question-and-Answer panel (via Variety), Brown opened up about hoping that Eleven's arc in the third season of the series would include losing the powers that make her stand out.

"I think Eleven should sacrifice herself in some way. That's how I kind of want that situation to go. I want to have her really sacrifice her powers. If Eleven loses her powers, is she as powerful just as a character? I think that would be very cool. I want to build her to be a strong person without her powers…But right now it's very about her powers and I think taking that away slowly would be cool."


Eleven's coming of ages story has been teased for the next season of Stranger Things, so it sounds reasonable that Brown would want to see her character lose her powers in the series' next batch of episodes. Growing up can be hard, and one of the biggest potential struggles that Eleven could deal with is losing her powers and truly becoming a normal girl. Besides, wouldn't it be interesting to see what kind of strength would surface from Eleven out of the adversity of losing her powers? Would Jane be the same without her psychokinetic abilities?

Stranger Things season 3 is going to make its way to Netflix sometime during the summer of 2019.

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