American Gods Season 2 Cast And Neil Gaiman Set To Attend NYCC Panel

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American Gods season 2 is on the way and it looks like Bryan Fuller and Michael Green's fantasy drama series is also going to make its very first official appearance at the New York Comic Con this year.

According to a report by Screen Rant, Starz is going to have a panel for American Gods this year at the New York Comic Con, and not only is it going to feature members of the cast, but it's also going to bring original author Neil Gaiman. Together with the show's stars, the fantasy writer is going to talk about the series and what fans can expect from American Gods' second season on Starz.

There's a whole lot of excitement building up over the next batch of episodes of American Gods. The first season of the series ended with Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) calling out for war at Easter's (Kristin Chenoweth) party. The second season is going to follow that, seeing Mr. Wednesday continue gathering old gods for his side of the battle.


It's also going to bring Jesse Alexander a new showrunner to American Gods after Fuller and Green announced their exit from the series last year. Fuller and Green might have been doing a good job, but word has it that the two weren't quite happy with how the show was going on with the second season. They also had scheduling issues in the way, so the two decided it would be better for them to leave the series.

American Gods is set to return with its second season sometime in 2019.

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