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Michelle Obama Convinced Only She Can Defeat Donald Trump In 2024 Presidential Election? Barack, Ex-FLOTUS Allegedly Feeding 'Damaging' Information Against Joe Biden

Credit: ABC News/YouTube Screenshot

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama are plotting a political coup to have the former FLOTUS replace doddering President Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket in 2024 – because they believe she is the party’s only hope to hold on to the White House, a new report claimed.

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Michelle Obama To Replace Joe Biden As Democrat Standard-Bearer In 2024?

Sources told National Enquirer, in its latest edition, that bigwig Democrats view dazed Joe as a loser and a liability – and have him in their crosshairs. Biden was former POTUS Obama’s vice president from 2009 to 2017, but informants claimed Barack and Michelle, a Harvard-trained lawyer, have given his 80-year-old former running mate and current Vice President Kamala Harris, a stark ultimatum – quit with dignity or be humiliated by resounding primary defeat.

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Insiders stated that Democratic leaders are ready to pull the trigger on plans to replace the perplexed President Joe Biden. One mole dished:

“The Dems dodged a bullet, but the die is cast. They know Joe can’t inspire enough votes to win back the White House, and they need to make the move now – and Michelle is their best option!”

Bullheaded Joe Biden still stubbornly insists he’s as sharp as a tack and plans to seek a second term. But, sources say Michelle Obama is determined to muscle in on Joe’s job – and she and her shrewd hubby aren’t afraid to play dirty!

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Michelle Obama, Barack Obama Digging For Damaging Information Against Joe Biden?

The tattlers went on to say that Obama operatives are already feeding damning information to federal agents probing whether Biden’s son Hunter, a recovering crack addict, traded on his father’s vice presidential power and influence to line his own pockets through questionable foreign business deals.

An anonymous source said:

“They hope to provide enough damaging information to make Joe realize it’ll be in his best interests to step aside in 2024.”

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Another unnamed insider furthered:

“The Obamas are the most powerful voices in the party, and if this is what they want, this how it will be!”

Spies also insisted that the current political climate has steeled Donald Trump’s resolve to get back in the game. A tipster stated:

“He made it publicly clear to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis – his biggest Republican rival – that he’d be in for a helluva fight if he even DARED to take him on! Trump isn’t going anywhere, and the Dems know they can’t beat him – or DeSantis, for that matter – ESPECIALLY with Biden at the top of the ticket!”

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Another informant claimed:

“Many of the Democratic party’s biggest donors – even as they pledge to back Biden’s reelection in earnest – have quietly started to poke around for alternatives in 2024.”

The unprecedented betrayal comes as critics pointed to Joe Biden’s troubling gaffes and stumbles as proof of his ever-worsening cognitive decline. In fact, as he stumped for New York Gov. Kathy Hochul in November, Joe even lost his balance onstage!

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Both Michelle Obama and Barack Obama have yet to comment on the claims that they are positioning the former FLOTUS for a White House run in 2024. So, devoted followers of the ex-first couple should take all these unverified reports with a pinch of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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