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King Charles III Thinks Prince William More Deserving To Be Monarch Than Him? Camilla's Husband Reportedly Depends On Princess Anne Amid Self Doubt, Rising Pressure

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It should be a time of joy for King Charles III as he turns 74 and prepares for his historic coronation next year. However, the husband of Queen Consort Camilla is rumored to be spending his birthday week contemplating his future and confiding to Princess Anne his anxieties that he is "not good enough" to become a British monarch.

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King Charles III Doubts Ultimately Himself?

Sources quoted in the most recent issue of Woman's Day Australia said that King Charles III has endured a difficult few weeks and has been paying close attention to the constant rumors that he may not be the ideal king as the monarchy struggles to preserve its relevance in the modern world.

In addition, there are allegedly mounting concerns that Netflix's "The Crown" is destroying years of rehabilitation to his image during the Princess Diana era.

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An anonymous insider claimed:

"Then there's Prince Harry's impending book, right down to him inheriting the throne at a time where Britain hasn't looked this economically bleak in years, he's been very gloomy instead."

Even Queen Consort Camilla has allegedly been unable to change his negative view, according to the unidentified tipster, and sent him off to speak with Princess Anne instead.

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It furthered:

"His sister can get through Charles even when Camilla can't. It only took a few minutes for Charles moaning that maybe Diana was right and that Prince William should be king instead of him, and maybe he should stand aside, that Anne told him in no uncertain terms to pull himself together."

Princess Anne Stands Up For King Charles III?

Luckily for King Charles III, Princess Anne can always be counted on to tell him the truth. A palace informant revealed that Princess Royal warned the future monarch that his long face was incapable of inspiring confidence in anybody, from the footman to the prime minister.

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The unnamed informant shared:

"Anne has been tasked with reminding him that there has been no one more prepared to be king than him, after decades of being the understudy to their mother's magnificent reign, and that William deserves a few more years of learning the ropes before Charles even thinks of giving up."

King Charles III has not commented on rumors that self-doubt and rising pressure have caused him to depend on his sister, Princess Anne. Therefore, loyal fans of the royal family should treat these unconfirmed claims with a grain of salt until they are proven to be accurate.

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