Michael Keaton's Iconic Batman and Batmobile Revealed Ahead of Return In The Flash

Ever since James Gunn confirmed that the new DCU slate is featuring newly picked cast members, DC fans have been speculating on one of the most highly anticipated comebacks among the many key roles in the Universe: Batman. From Ben Affleck to George Clooney to Christian Bale, fans couldn’t be happier to see the return of Michael Keaton on screen in the new trailer for The Flash. Check out the trailer below:

While it took 30 years for Keaton to reprise his role in the DCU, fans didn’t know where to begin in expressing their excitement upon seeing that the 71-year-old actor has not changed one bit and is continued to be deemed one of the best Batmans for the role! Though Ben Affleck was featured in the trailer as possibly one of the many "other" Batman versions, the role of the main Caped Crusader has been confirmed to be Keaton’s.

Ahead of his return to The Flash, Sideshow Collectibles has unveiled their new Hot Toys Keaton Batman based on his first appearance in 1989’s Batman ($345), as well as his Batmobile based on the Tim Burton-directed films ($715). After all, Keaton’s surprising DC return is nothing short of celebrating.

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Through the fault of Barry using his powers to travel back in time to change the events in the past, he now has to band up with the other Barry Allen in another reality which he landed himself in to defeat General Zod, another longtime villain who has returned.

The plan comes to a halt when there are technically “no other superheroes to turn to”, unless the two Barry Allens end up convincing a very different Batman out of retirement, which is ironic, seeing this is also Keaton’s return in the DCU.

DC’s The Flash is currently slated for release in theaters this June 16.

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