DC Comics Legend Slams James Gunn's 'Underwhelming' DCU Slate

DC Studios’ new co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran may have reassured DC fans on the new DCU future upon their announcement on what Chapter One: Gods & Monsters looks like, however, DC Comics legend Chuck Dixon isn’t on board with the DC reboot.

Chuck Dixon, who is most famously known for his creation of Bane aka the Batman villain alongside Graham Nolan and the rejuvenated Firefly, was asked in a recent episode of Ask Chuck Dixon #130 on his views on Gunn’s current plans for the DCU. Dixon has said his side on things, and frankly, he doesn’t believe in the future of DC altogether. Check out his full statement below:

“Some of the things seem extremely underwhelming.” Dixon said, “Some of the things seem to exist only to check boxes. Quite frankly, I don’t care. I know you don’t want to hear that, but I don’t care. I’ve never seen a DC movie, DC-based movie that I’ve liked ever. And I don’t think I’ll ever see one. And now that they’ve moved far, far away from the source material, I really just have no interest.”

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Dixon was quick to address how the new DC Studios boss’ new slate pretty much looks like a ‘wishlist’ too ambitious to see through, especially given that he, too, has had qualms with previous DC adaptations.

“I got to wonder if Gunn’s proposed list is for real; is it a wish list? Are these things actually going to be put on a schedule? It seems like an ambitious list.” Dixon said, “Seems like a lot of stuff. It seems like he’s gonna be writing a lot of it. I mean, if he writes all the things he says he’s going to write, he’s not going to be leaving the house anytime soon.”

Overall, Dixon never held any hope on James Gunn becoming the new DC Studios co-CEO, seeing as apart from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise success, Gunn has yet to prove himself capable of handling the position. In fact, Dixon worded out: “I don’t think [Gunn] knows what the audience wants.”

Meanwhile, DC Studios' Batman: The Brave and the Bold is currently in development.

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