Mental Coach Jegal Episode 3 Recap: Lee Yoo Mi Makes It To The National Team After Bribery and Assault Issues Against Heo Jung-Do, Korean Olympic Committee Emerge

Credit: tvN Drama/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: tvN Drama/YouTube Screenshot

Mental Coach Jegal Episode 3 tells how getting rid of the cause of the mental health issues can resolve everything in a team.

Mental Coach Jegal is an ongoing sports drama that explores the life of a national athlete who quits sports and starts focusing on helping other athletes with their mental health issues.

Jung Woo plays the titular role of Jegal Gil and stars alongside Squid Game star Lee Yoo Mi, Park Se Young, Kwon Yool, and Moon Yoo Kang.

Here’s what happened in Mental Coach Jegal Episode 3.

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Mental Coach Jegal Episode 3 Recap

Mental Coach Jegal episode 3 starts with the young Jegal Gil attending his school entrance ceremony in 1993. At that time, he questioned being born small, and that was why he got beaten and hit by people from elementary until high school.

That was the reason why he became a taekwondo athlete and even made it to the national team. But then again, he became everyone’s sparring partner and received more beatings for everything he did.

So when he sees Cha Ga Eul getting slapped by Coach Oh Dal Sung, he immediately runs and kicks him — surprising everyone who thought he was crippled after getting injured years ago. Goo Tae Man then accuses him of faking his injury to play the victim. Still, he catches Park Seung Ha’s attention as he underwent her treatment for three years but did not see any improvement.

Even after the accident and sustaining an injury, Cha Ga Eul wants to enter the race and become part of the national team.

While the National Short Track Speed Skating Team prepares to bring down Cha Ga Eul again, she prepares for the qualifying round. She also learns that Jo Ji Young decides to drop out because of her ligaments, but Jegal Gil finds it suspicious as she still sees the skater doing fine before the announcement.

With that, he thinks Coach Oh Dal Sung truly hurts the team members, including Cha Ga Eul, throughout the training. But despite her preparations and plans, she still loses it because of her injury and Coach Oh Dal Sung’s plans.

Meanwhile, everyone at the No Medal Club celebrates when they see Jegal Gil’s leg doing well already. They prepare to take revenge against Oh Dal Sung, but Choi Su Ji disapproves of it until she learns that the coach is the same person who caused Go Young To’s injury.

To complete their plan, he talks to Jo Ji Young and tries to get information about the assault. However, she does not speak as she sees him as Cha Ga Eul’s friend and savior.

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Mental Coach Jegal episode 3 also sees Cha Ga Eul reaching her breaking point, saying she will not skate anymore as her legs become too painful and she cannot control them anymore. But he finds her standing on top of a huge rock, making him think she wants to commit suicide.

Cha Ga Eul then explains that she will not die and sits down to have another meaningful conversation with the mental coach. She also reunited with the No Medal Club members, having a great time with them and feeling happy for the first time in a long time. She also receives a special gift from them.

The following day, Jegal Gil attends the short-track national team press conference and the national team mental coach interview. During the press conference, they find out that Jo Ji Young is not injured at all. The No Medal Club team then follows its plan to reveal the coach and the committee’s bribery issue.

While approaching Jegal Gil, he sees Go Young To, whom he accidentally injured years ago.

After the incident, Coach Oh Dal Sung was dismissed. Cha Ga Eul also makes it to the National Team. Jegal Gil has also been accepted as the National Team Mental Coach.

The end of the episode sees someone committing suicide, and Jegal Gil witnesses it himself.

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