IU Health Issue: Blueming Singer Reveals Having Hearing Issues Since Last Year

Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

IU shared her worries with The Golden Hourconcertgoers, telling them about her current health battle.

Over the weekend, IU finally met her fans again through her first in-person concert at the Seoul Olympic Main Stadium. While it became her first concert in three years, it also marked her 14th debut anniversary.

After performing for a long time, the Blueming singer shared a worrying health update during her concert.

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IU Struggled Before The Golden Hour Concert

After performing her songs, IU took her time to communicate with her fans and told them about the health issue she has been suffering from since last year.

Per Hotel Del Luna actress, she has been experiencing a problem with her ears, making it difficult for her to prepare for her first concert in three years.

"To be honest, today's performance was a little difficult. I have some problems with my ears, so I was nervous while preparing for the show. It's not serious, but I can't control my ears well and the symptom has been going on since about a year ago," she revealed, per SBS News.

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Although her throat condition was fine, her ear issue reportedly got worse after the first day of her concert. This caused her to doubt that she could give her best the next night, but she still did great as usual.

With that, she thanked everyone for being with her despite her issue.

Lastly, IU assured everyone she is getting the best treatment to resolve her hearing issues.

IU Helping Others Amid Personal Problems

Although IU has to deal with her health issue, she does not also let it affect her charitable works.

Asia Economy revealed that the singer donated around $144,000 to celebrate her 15-year anniversary. With that, it is estimated that she has already made at least $3.25 million in her career.

Her agency, EDAM Entertainment, also shared the photos of the donations' certificates on its Instagram account.

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