Mental Coach Jegal Episode 16 Recap: Jung Woo Chooses Between Lee Yoo Mi, Park Se Young

Credit: tvN Drama/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: tvN Drama/YouTube Screenshot

Mental Coach Jegal Episode 16 offers a happy ever after to the characters.

Mental Coach Jegal is a sports drama that explores the life of a national athlete who quits sports and starts focusing on helping other athletes with their mental health issues. It features Jung Woo, who plays the titular role of Jegal Gil.

Here’s what happened in Mental Coach Jegal Episode 16.

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Mental Coach Jegal Episode 16 Recap

Park Seung Ha arrives at the place where Park Seung Tae’s men beat Jegal Gil, Cha Moo Tae, and Goo Tae Man. Jegal Gil, on the other hand, finally learns that the person who dies in his dream was him all along.

It turns out that he also tries committing suicide in the past. While fighting for his life, he also thinks of Cha Ga Eul.

Coach Oh Dal Sung appears in front of Cha Ga Eul after trying to abuse Oh Sun A. Sim Bok Ja overhears the conversation and defends her daughter.

The No Medal Club team and Cha Ga Eul learn about Jegal Gil’s situation, so they rush to the hospital to check his status. Park Seung Ha also confesses to the mental coach while Cha Ga Eul looks at them from afar.

News about K-One Agency’s corruption emerges after the police obtain evidence from the Pajin warehouse. Assemblyman Park Seung Tae tries to clear his name from his crimes and blames Goo Tae Man. But Park Seung Ha herself submits the evidence to the prosecution.

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Meanwhile, Coach Oh Dal Sung finds himself in trouble after the press starts questioning Oh Sun A and Cha Ga Eul’s absences. Oh Sun A and Cha Ga Eul hold a press conference to reveal his crimes.

The short-track speed skating team members then decide to oust the coach and proceed to the Olympics without him. With that, Oh Dal Sung gets arrested for repeated assault and sexual abuse.

Meanwhile, Park Seung Tae’s voice recording where he planned on using Coach Oh Dal Sung to bring Chairman Go Young Pyo down.

On the other hand, Jegal Gil confesses to Cha Ga Eul and takes the risks with her.

When Was Mental Coach Jegal’s Last Episode Released?

Mental Coach Jegal’s last episode, Episode 16, was released on November 1 at 08:30 PM KST.

Here's a glance at Mental Coach Jegal Episode 16’s release date and time in other regions:

Central Time: 8:30 AM (November 1)

Greenwich Mean Time: 02:30 PM (November 1)

Eastern Time: 9:30 AM (November 1)

Pacific Time: 6:30 AM (November 1)

Philippine Time: 9:30 PM (November 1)

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