Mental Coach Jegal Episode 1 Recap: Jung Woo Meets Hard-Headed Lee Yoo Mi Who Rejects Counseling

Credit: tvN drama/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: tvN drama/YouTube Screenshot

Mental Coach Jegal Episode 1 reveals how Jung Woo's Jegal Gil, a member of the national taekwondo team, becomes a mental coach for athletes instead.

The highly-anticipated sports drama of Kim Ban Di, Mental Coach Jegal, finally arrived this month. It explores the life of a national athlete who quits sports and starts focusing on helping other athletes with their mental health issues.

Boasting Jung Woo, who plays the titular role of Jegal Gil, the K-drama also presents Squid Game star Lee Yoo Mi alongside Park Se Young, Kwon Yool, and Moon Yoo Kang.

Mental Coach Jegal already shook everyone with episode 1.

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Mental Coach Jegal Episode 1 Recap

Mental Coach Jegal episode 1 introduces Jegal Gil as he talks about his father teaching him about luck. He chose to face Gu Tae Man during the 2008 Taekwondo National Team Selection Finals in Taekwondo despite sustaining injuries when Koo Tae Man and his seniors beat him and Cha Moo Tae.

The unprecedented accident causes him to lose his best friend and a chance to score an Olympic gold medal.

During the present time, Jegal Gil starts delivering talks and lectures as an author as he continuously deals with a permanent leg injury. Although he quit taekwondo, he reportedly starts having a more peaceful life. He also helps athletes who suffer because of their mental health.

Meanwhile, Gu Tae Man is now the director of the human rights center of the athletic association.

Thirteen years after the incident, Cha Moo Tae meets Jegal Gil again and makes it up with him. He asks him to meet his sister, Cha Ga Eul, a short-track speed skater. She already won a gold medal at the world championships but currently suffers a crisis that prevents her from competing again.

Since Jegal Gil is a mental coach, Cha Moo Tae tells him to help his sister regain everything again. He wants to refuse as he reportedly cannot help those who want to be on the national team but eventually decides to try helping her.

However, Cha Ga Eul herself does not want to accept his help. After meeting Koo Tae Man, he decides not to pursue helping Cha Ga Eul again.

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During the second round of the National Team Selection (for 500m), Cha Ga Eul tumbles and gets disqualified from the game. However, it seems like the accident has been plotted. She then injures herself after a skater intentionally pushes her.

Jegal Gil, on the other hand, continues his consultation with other athletes. But a police officer stops by and asks him to go to the police station after his client commits suicide.

Mental Coach Jegal Episode 2 Release Date and Time

Mental Coach Jegal episode 2 will be released on September 13 at 10:30 PM KST.

Here's a glance at Mental Coach Jegal Kdrama's release date and time in other regions if no interruptions or changes in schedule will occur:

Central Time: 8:30 AM (September 13)

Greenwich Mean Time: 01:30 PM (September 13)

Eastern Time: 9:30 AM (September 13)

Pacific Time: 6:30 AM (September 13)

Philippine Time: 9:30 PM (September 13)

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