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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Star Joo Jong Hyuk Says He Becomes BIGBANG G-Dragon When He Feels Nervous

Credit: SBS ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Extraordinary Attorney Woo actor Joo Jong Hyuk revealed how he could be his own BIGBANG's G-Dragon.

Joo Jong Hyuk made a strong impression when he starred in the ENA K-drama series as Kwon Min Woo, Woo Young Woo's colleague at Hanbada. He starred in other dramas in the past, including Yumi's Cell' Season 2, Happiness, Yumi's Cells, The Veil, D.P, Clean With Passion For Now, and ID: Gangnam Beauty.

Despite having an experience, the actor reportedly feels nervous sometimes. But he has a tactic to overcome it.

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Actor Joo Jong Hyuk Turns Into G-Dragon Whenever He Is Nervous

Years after his debut, Joo Jong Hyuk officially marked his first variety show appearance on September 11 on SBS's My Little Old Boy.

In a sneak peek for its upcoming episode, host Seo Jang Hoon mentions that Joo Jong Hyuk never appeared in any variety show until he made his appearance in the SBS show. Shin Dong Yup then asks what he thinks of the celebrity mothers, to which he tells everyone that the moms are more beautiful in person.

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He then references his nickname in the hit series, saying that it is what they call Tactician Kwon.

Joo Jong Hyuk eventually confirms that he tells himself he is GD (G-Dragon) whenever he gets nervous. But he does need to transform during his appearance since he reportedly feels more comfortable than he expected.

When Will Joo Jong Hyuk's Episode on My Little Old Boy Be Released?

Joo Jong Hyuk's episode will be aired on September 18, 9:05 PM KST. For Extraordinary Attorney Woo fans who want to watch it, here's a glance at the schedule in other regions.

Central Time: 7:05 AM (September 18)

Greenwich Mean Time: 12:05 PM (September 18)

Eastern Time: 8:05 AM (September 18)

Pacific Time: 5:05 AM (September 18)

Philippine Time: 8:05 PM (September 18)

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