Confidential Assignment 2 Becomes This Year's Chuseok Blockbuster After Gaining Whopping Number of Moviegoers

Credit: EonTalk/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: EonTalk/YouTube Screenshot

Confidential Assignment 2 has been making noise at the Korean box office since its release.

The highly-anticipated sequel of the 2017 film Confidential Assignment finally arrived this month. The new film tells the story of trilateral cooperation between North and South Korea and the US in pursuit of catching international criminals.

It features Hyun Bin, who plays his other North Korean role aside from the one he had in Crash Landing on You. He scored the titular role of Lim Cheol Ryung, a North Korean agent tasked to South Korea to take down Jin Sun Kyu's Jang Myung Joon. The latter character is the leader of a huge North Korean criminal organization.

Only a few days after its release, the new movie broke new records and became a hit during South Korea's Chuseok celebration.

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Confidential Assignment 2: International Reaches Milestones

Korea JoongAng Daily noted that, on Monday, the Korean Film Council officially announced that the action-comedy topped the box office charts for four days. From September 8 to 11, it saw nearly 2.1 million moviegoers, beating 6/45 that sold 304,000 at No. 2 rank.

The installment reached the milestone faster than the original film. For what it's worth, the first Confidential Assignment movie reached 1 million moviegoers in five days and 2 million in 10 days.

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With the number of moviegoers that went to see the new movie, it also managed to beat Top Gun: Maverick despite Tom Cruise's movie being one of the biggest box office hits in the country last summer.

Confidential Assignment 2 also stars Girls' Generation's YoonA, Daniel Henney, Yoo Hae Jin, Lee Min Ji, Park Hoon, and Park Min Ha.

Director Lee Seok Hoon Hoped For the Best

Before the release of the film, the director and cast members had a press conference to promote the film. During the gathering, director Lee Seok Hoon expressed his goal to share the movie with the whole family during Chuseok Holiday.

"All the movies I've made thus far have been for audiences over the age of 12. They're not that cruel or violent and are fun. I hope this becomes a fun and enjoyable film that viewers can watch with their families during this Chuseok holiday [Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving]. I will be thankful if you seek out the movie theater and choose 'Confidential Assignment' this Chuseok," he said.

Confidential Assignment 2 is still in theaters after its first release on September 7.

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