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Melania Trump, Jill Biden Take Grudge Match To Another Level? Pair's Alleged War Forecasted To Worsen With Donald Trump, Joe Biden's Rematch In 2024

Credit: ABC News/YouTube Screenshot

Tensions between former First Lady of the United States Melania Trump and successor Jill Biden have exploded into a bitter backbiting brawl, a new report claimed.

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Sources told National Enquirer, in its latest edition, that Melania Trump finds President Joe Biden’s wife a stuck up. An unnamed insider told the entertainment news outlet:

“They despise each other and constantly bad-mouth each other among their own social circles.”

Community college professor Jill Biden, as per the magazine, thinks elegant Melania Trump is just a pampered piece of arm candy, while the former model feels her rival is a stuck-up academic who lacks the style to be a first-rate first lady.

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The tipster furthered that Melania Trump and Jill Biden’s war will only get worse as their husbands, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, gear up for a rematch of the 2020 election.

It furthered the big chill between the grumbling ladies back to Melania stubbornly refusing to lift a finger to help Jill transition to her new role and failing to invite the incoming first lady to a formal White House tea and tour before Joe’s 2021 presidential inauguration.

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Informants suggested that the glaring sub broke a 100-year tradition, of which Melania was the beneficiary when Michelle Obama graciously welcomed her to Pennsylvania Avenue following Trump’s victory in November 2016.

The anonymous tattler shared:

“Jill was livid and never forgot the slight – especially as she’d been waiting and waiting for the call to come. She pointed to it as another example of Melania’s bad manners.”

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Moles dished jilted Jill Biden “seethed” that neither Donald Trump nor Melania Trump attended Joe Biden’s swearing-in, making Trump the first outgoing president in 150 years not to do so for his election opponent!

The source whispered:

“She said it was downright disrespectful of them and violated another long-standing tradition. It was hard not to take the freeze-out personally.”

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Informants claimed the animosity further deepened when Jill Biden promptly redecorated the White House and erased almost all of Melania’s touches. One tipster said:

“Jill hated the changes Melania had made to the second and third floors especially. She thought Melania had [an] awful taste and made the rooms look tacky. Stripping rooms of Melania’s choice of drapes and furniture was one of the things Jill did as [the] first lady. It have her a lot of pleasure.”

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Adding fuel to the fire, Jill Biden was featured on the August 2021 cover of Vogue Magazine, while Melania Trump was never granted the honor. Tattlers suggested as the wife of Donald Trump ripped the magazine, the spiteful renovations also triggered a catty comment directed at Jill.

Melania Trump reportedly huffed Vogue was “biased” and added, “they have likes and dislikes, it’s so obvious.” She allegedly insisted:

“I had much more important things to do in the White House than be on the cover of Vogue.”

Melania Trump and Jill Biden have yet to comment on their alleged “bitter” backbiting brawl. So, avid followers of Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s wives should take all these unverified claims with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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