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Meghan Markle Shock: Statement Of Prince Harry's Wife Against Tabloids Backfired, Prince Harry's Wife Is The One That Should Come With Warning Label

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Credit: AFP News Agency/YouTube

Meghan Markle faced another round of backlash from her critics after she said that tabloids are toxic. British journalist Dan Wootton and political commentator Calvin Robinson clapped back at the duchess for her bold statement against the press.

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Meghan Markle Called Hypocrite, Should Come With A Warning Label

The Sun executive editor, Wootton, is one of Markle's critics. On his GB News show, he called out Markle for her recent statement.

"Hopefully, one day [tabloids] come with a warning label like cigarettes do. Like, 'This is toxic for your mental health,'" she said.

Wootton called Markle "duchess of work" and a "hypocritical Hollywood wannabe." He also shared how the former Suits star was desperate to get into the British tabloids before she met and started dating Prince Harry.

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According to Wootton, Markle contacted one of his friends, a showbiz columnist. The duchess reportedly bragged about footballer Ashley Cole pursuing her because she wanted to be talked about on tabloids.

Due to Markle's relationship with tabloids before and her recent statement, Wootton concluded, "Meghan, I think you should come with a warning label."

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He also encouraged the public not to listen to her. Calvin Robinson, who also spoke with Wootton about the matter, slammed the duchess.

Robinson called Markle a "hypocrite." He also added that the Duchess of Sussex "milked the tabloid press to get where she is today."

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Twitter Agreed That Meghan Markle Is Toxic And Should Come With A Label

Markle's statement calling tabloid toxic backfired. Several Twitter users share the same opinion as Dan Wootton. For them, the Duchess of Sussex is toxic and should come with a warning label.

"Can we have a toxic warning on Megan," one commented.

"The only toxic warning needed is the one about the Sussex's," another wrote.

"I call for a toxic warning on Meghan!!" a third user added.

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"Maybe a toxic warning every time she opens her gob," a fourth critic commented.

"Harry and Meghan need the warning label — hazardous to your health, especially if you are frail and elderly," a fifth user wrote.

To be fair with Markle, some supporters stood by her. For them, she has a point — that tabloids can be toxic and unhealthy.

What do you think about the issue? Do you agree that tabloids are toxic?

Stay tuned for updates about Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and the other members of the royal family.

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