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Meghan Markle Shock: Royal Fans Reportedly Convinced Prince Harry’s Wife Isn’t Guilty Of Bullying Former Staff Members

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Meghan Markle was accused of bullying former palace staffers in 2018. At the time, the palace announced that they would be conducting an investigation into the matter. But years have passed, and there's still hasn’t been any update until last week, when royal author Katie Nicholl said that it’s unlikely for the Queen to release the results of their investigation to the public.

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Releasing Meghan Markle’s Bullying Investigation Result Could Do More Harm Than Good

Now, royal correspondent Jack Royston said that releasing the details of the investigation would result in a bloodbath because it would reflect negatively on the royal family’s side, as well as on Markle.

“I think basically if that report were published it would be a complete bloodbath on all sides and nobody would come out of it looking any good at all. I think Buckingham Palace will have taken one look at this and thought 'we're just going to look awful—this is going to make us look absolutely appalling' and if every single fact and allegation came out I just think it would be a complete mud fight and there would be mud over everybody,” he said (via Express).

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Royal Fans Defend Meghan Markle Against Bullying Allegations

But after reports revealed that the details of the investigation would be kept private, some royal fans aired their sentiments regarding the matter. According to Newsweek, some supporters of Markle are convinced that the royal family found out that she didn’t bully anyone into leaving their job. And this is, allegedly, the reason why The Firm wants to keep quiet.

On Twitter, royal fan @TshweuMoleme urged the royal family to release the results of the investigation.

“So, the royal family's report on alleged Meghan Markle bullying of staff is now 'buried' and she should just forget about it, after so many attempts to bury her name and reputation? In fact, she was bullied for months. Let her see the report,” the Twitter user wrote.

British broadcast Lorraine King couldn’t also help but wonder why the royal family refused to share the details from the investigation.

“Mmmmm. Why won't Buckingham Palace release the report into claims that Meghan Markle bullied staff? Could it be because it exonerates her of any wrongdoing, paints BP in a bad light, or both? If the report proved Meghan did bully staff I wonder if it would have been released?” she tweeted.

Christopher Bouzy, the founder of Bot Sentinel, couldn’t also understand why the royal family announced that they would be launching an investigation into the bullying allegations and then not share their findings.

“Why announce you are launching a probe into the Meghan Markle bullying claims, but refuse to release the findings of the probe? Seems like they didn't find anything, and they are too embarrassed to admit nothing was found,” he said.

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Royal Author Says Queen Elizabeth Wants To Protect The British Monarchy Amid Meghan Markle Bullying Allegations

While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Nicholl explained the Queen’s decision to keep the investigation private. She said that the monarch just wants to prevent further damage to the British monarchy.

“Everything that I’m hearing at the moment out of the palace is that the Queen doesn’t want any more drama. She just doesn’t want any more dirty linens aired in public. By taking it in-house, which is essentially what the Queen has done, she is trying to limit any further damage, any further damage to the monarchy, potentially any further damage to those members of staff who have made those allegations, and also, possibly to the Duchess of Sussex, who denied those allegations,” she said.

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