Queen Elizabeth Heartbreak: Monarch Cancels Thanksgiving Service Appearance Due To Discomfort? Royal Family Reportedly Protecting Her Mental, Physical Frailty

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Credit: CBS Mornings/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth thrilled royal fans when she made an appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for the Trooping the Colour.

For the outing, the monarch stunned in her powder blue ensemble. She was also spotted waving to the public and smiling from ear to ear while hanging out with the senior working members of the royal family like Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince William, and Kate Middleton.

Unfortunately, royal fans won’t be seeing Queen Elizabeth again anytime soon. After all, a palace official just confirmed that she wouldn’t be attending the Thanksgiving Service scheduled this week as part of her Platinum Jubilee celebration.

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Queen Elizabeth Will Skip This Week’s Thanksgiving Service Due To Her Health

In their official statement, it was revealed that Her Majesty experienced discomfort during her recent appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. And this prevented her from attending the Thanksgiving Service. But Prince Charles will reportedly take over her spot.

“Taking into account the journey and activity required to participate in tomorrow's National Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral, Her Majesty with great reluctance has concluded that she will not attend,” the statement read (via Express).

Prior to the start of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, there were already whispers that she might skip the event altogether. After all, at the age of 96, the Queen has been suffering from some health issues. Those close to her also confirmed that she has been experiencing decreased mobility and has been using a wheelchair to help her get around.

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Royal Family Is Reportedly Concerned About Queen Elizabeth’s Mental And Physical Health

Royal commentator Howard Hodgson also said that the royal family has been keeping an eye on the Queen’s mental and physical frailty because she’s not getting any younger.

“The Queen is 96, and two important things have happened recently that have probably made life very much more difficult for her, and I think the Royal Family has every right to keep her frailty and maybe even her mental frailty. When you get to 96 nothing works quite as well as it once did, and the situation is that the Queen deserves to have every dignity and as a result of that I think they will make sure we don't see too much of her,” he told Express.

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Hodgson also said that the Queen has all the right to see out her final years with as much dignity as possible. And he believes that this is what will happen.


“The Queen's health has probably suffered some acceleration of deterioration because of two things that have happened: the first being her husband, she always loved Prince Philip, and the situation was that when you actually lose somebody that you've been with for over 70 years it is a very big drain on you and it must be quite lonely without him. Very often, when one partner dies, the other one errantly either dies in a short space of time too, or could be in a situation of actually becoming much more reclusive and depressed. The other thing that's happened is the coronavirus pandemic. If you do something every day you won't lose it, and I think COVID-19 broke huge amounts of routine with the Queen because everyone was locked up,” he said.

As of late, it’s still unclear whether the Queen will make another public appearance before her Platinum Jubilee celebration ends or not.

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