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Meghan Markle Shock: Prince Harry’s Wife Used Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey? Wants To Become New Talk Show Queen

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Credit: New York Times Events/YouTube Screenshot

Meghan Markle recently appeared in the Ellen Show, where she pranked vendors and talked about her Thanksgiving plans.

While speaking with Ellen DeGeneres, the Duchess of Sussex also revealed how nice the guards are in the studio where the talk show is being recorded.

In March, Meghan Markle sat down for an interview with Oprah Winfrey. The Duchess of Sussex talked about the struggles she experienced while working as a senior royal. And she also revealed that she considered taking her own life because of too much stress.

Markle’s interviews with DeGeneres and Winfrey are very different from each other. But she both faced backlashes following her appearances.

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Meghan Markle Wants To Have Her Own Talk Show

New Idea, in its Dec. 20 issue, claimed that Markle used the two talk show hosts to have an idea of what it would be like to host her own program. After all, Prince Harry’s wife wants to become the next talk show queen of Hollywood.

“Meghan was absolutely testing the waters for herself by going on Oprah and Ellen. Having her own show would be the perfect vehicle to push her own agendas and causes. She loves the idea of returning to television, but with her name in lights this time,” the unnamed source claimed.

Last week, there were similar claims saying that Markle will headline a talk show titled Tea With Duchess Meghan. And the program will be a combination of the Ellen Show and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

The unnamed source also claimed that the Duchess of Sussex dropped subtle signs that she’s planning her own talk show when she spoke with DeGeneres.

“Meghan plotting her own show would explain why her Ellen interview was so odd. Even though Ellen’s show is sort of cheesy and fun, with these big names she likes to get a hardball question in, which she didn’t for Meghan. She also never usually lets the talent take over like Meghan did when she began leading the interview with other guests,” the unnamed source explained.

Ellen DeGeneres Supports Meghan Markle’s Talks Show Plans

DeGeneres wouldn’t allegedly take offense that Markle wants to follow in her footsteps, especially now that she’s preparing to say goodbye to the Ellen Show.

The only thing that comedian wants is for the Duchess of Sussex to remember her when she becomes a huge talk show superstar.

Oprah Winfrey Thinks Meghan Markle Used Her

However, the same cannot be said about Winfrey. After all, the latter allegedly feels that Markle used her.

“Meghan could become her rival. Oprah would certainly feel used if that happens. I can’t imagine she’d let it stand for long,” the unnamed source concluded.

A second source claimed that Prince Harry and Markle’s interview with Winfrey had been removed from CBS and other platforms. And this could allegedly be because of the tensions that are brewing between Markle and Winfrey.

But it is also possible that Winfrey had the clip removed from CBS because she owns the rights to the footage.

“That being said, it was quickly exposed that the Sussexes had told a few porky pies during the show, so perhaps Oprah’s gone back on her claim that it was the best interview she’s ever done,” the unnamed source said.

DeGeneres and Winfrey have not said anything negative about Markle following their interviews.

Winfrey revealed that she texted Prince Harry and Markle before the interview to ask them about their intentions for wanting to speak out.

“Our shared intention was the truth. They wanted to be able to tell their story and tell it in such a way that allowed them to be as truthful as possible,” Winfrey said.

Oprah Winfrey Weighs In On Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Interview

The talk show host also said that they tried their hardest to ensure that no information would be leaked to the public prior to the airing of the interview.

“It was really important to me that what we put out there in the world was put out into the world at the time that everybody could see it and that things didn't leak and things weren't misconstrued before the actual interview happened. I stood up and said to the crew, 'We all know what was said here and how important it is to have trust in the people who just shared that so I'm hoping you all will not go out into the world and share what has happened here.' And nobody did,” Winfrey said via USA Today.

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Meghan Markle Accused Of Lying


But after Markle was busted for lying about her involvement in Finding Freedom, royal fans couldn’t help but question her accounts during her interviews with DeGeneres and Winfrey.

Some critics are also convinced that Markle lied about her racism allegations that were later revealed to have come from Prince Charles. However, a spokesperson for the future king said that the allegations are a work of fiction.

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