Meghan Markle Shock: Prince Harry's Relaxed Expression Changes When Duchess Touches Him At NYC Engagement, Prince William's Brother Needs 'Freedom' From 'Clingy' Wife, Body Language Expert Claims

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were in New York City Monday, where they joined the UN Assembly as they celebrated Nelson Mandela Day. The Duke of Sussex also delivered his keynote speech at the event. However, a body language expert noticed something during the outing that many might have missed.

Meghan Markle Allegedly Too Clingy With Husband Prince Harry

Jesus Enrique Rosas, a.k.a The Body Language Guy, who has written the books Body Language In 40 Days and The Remote CEO’s 22 Laws of Persuasion, weighed in on the royal couple's gestures on his YouTube channel. He analyzed their movement and found Meghan Markle "clingy" and "needy." He even said that the Duke of Sussex needed freedom from her.


When Prince Harry returned to his seat after delivering his speech, Rosas noted that he was "trying to engage with the man to his left," but Markle "keeps on touching" her husband to get her attention, "like hey, I'm here." And he noticed that Markle kept on doing it while Prince Harry continued speaking with the man.

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"Why she's so needy, doing it over and over again. It's uncomfortable to watch and well he goes back to his head down demeanor," Rosas said, referring to Prince Harry reportedly returning to his "tense self again."

"All that she wants is grab my hand, so there you have it. He gives his hand to her in the end," the expert said as the video showed Prince Harry placing his hand on Markle's knees.

"Here you have my hand let me talk to this man. This man looks friendly, interesting," Rosas said, referring to the man that Prince Harry was talking to. "Here you have my hand do with it whatever you want and let me have some kind of interaction outside of you."

The body language expert continued, "This is uncomfortable. I mean Harry should have a bit more leeway, a bit more freedom. He has to find freedom."

He also noted how Markle stood up as if giving Prince Harry a sign that they had to move forward, and he had to end his conversation with the man beside him. "What Meghan wants, Meghan gets," Rosas added.

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Prince Harry's Relaxed Expression Reportedly Changed After Meghan Markle Touched Him

Rosas also observed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's body language before Prince Harry took the stage to deliver his speech. According to him, the royal prince was genuinely smiling, but his expression changed when Markle touched his hand.

"They were sitting together, and Harry was quite relaxed. You can see his hands on his legs. Well, Meghan said, 'Maybe Harry's smiling too much, let's correct that," Rosas claimed. "The moment she touches his hand, his expression ... changes completely. [Harry is] looking to the other way like he's hiding his expression from Meghan."

According to Rosas, Markle showed her dominion over Prince Harry. At one point, Prince Harry subtly removed his hand from his wife, but she reacted by putting both of her arms on his arm, which Rosas called the "double Markle claw."

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"She grabs his hand in a controlling gesture. You can see that her hand is absolutely covering his. And he looks away and he lets go of it. He takes his hand away like, 'Don't grab my hand,'" he claimed.

Markle was reportedly not happy with her husband's reaction, so she wrapped his arm in both of her arms, seemingly sending the message, "You're mine. Give me your arm because you're mine."


According to Rosas, Prince Harry was showing signs of nervousness. He grabbed the flap of his jacket and even played with his wedding band.

What do you think about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's gestures at the NYC event?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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