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Prince William, Kate Middleton Shock: Cambridges Slammed For Dressing Prince George In Suit And Tie At Wimbledon When It's 'Too Hot'

Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William and Kate Middleton took their eldest child Prince George to Wimbledon Sunday. However, while many were happy seeing the little prince, his outfit raised eyebrows due to the temperature, with some mocking the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for dressing their son in a suit and tie.

Prince William And Kate Middleton Mocked For The Way They Dressed Prince George At Wimbledon

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the men's singles finals Sunday with their eldest son Prince George, 8. The young royal was dressed in a suit and tie.

A video has surfaced with Prince George telling his father that he was "too hot" in his outfit, Daily Mail reported. After hugging his dad, Princess Charlotte's brother said he was feeling "ok" but complained about the temperature as they walked along with his parents.

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Several netizens were concerned about Prince George being uncomfortable in his outfit. Some of them slammed the future king and queen consort for their child's outfit despite the very warm weather.

"Why is Prince George in a SUIT at Wimbledon on a hot day?? Tf he’s a child at a tennis tournament," one Twitter user wrote, per

"Prince George sweltering in the heat at Wimbledon. Why is he wearing a tie? Why is he wearing a jacket? No wonder he’s hot poor little lad. Idiots dressing him like this," another wrote.

"Prince George looks middle-aged in his suit," a third user added. "It’s too hot for a suit today, seriously let the kid have some fun and be more relaxed."

Meanwhile, some defended the future king and queen consort. According to them, Prince George looked fine, so they should not bother.

"Some people are so dim on here. If Prince George was hot he would take off his own jacket. He’s a big boy. William and Catherine have it all in order," one Cambridge fan wrote.

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Why Did Prince William And Kate Middleton Dress Prince George Wear A Suit And Tie At Wimbledon?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended Wimbledon over the weekend with their eldest child, Prince George. The trio dressed formally and sat at the Royal Box.

The third in line to the throne arrived wearing a navy blue jacket, matching striped tie and a white button-down shirt for the tournament. Prince William matched his son in a gray suit. At the time, the temperature in London reached 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

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During the sighting, Prince George was seen wiping his head and drinking out of a gray cup. His mom, Middleton, was also spotted placing a hand on her son's face.

According to People, Prince George's outfit had to do with Wimbledon's strict dress code. All men who sit in the Royal Box at Centre Court are required to wear "suits/jack and tie." So, Prince William and Middleton only dressed their son appropriately.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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