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Meghan Markle Shock: Duchess Of Sussex’s Comments About Roe V Wade Reportedly Brought Her Closer To Political Arena, Professor Claims

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Meghan Markle is one of the many A-listers who commented on the judge’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade after promising a constitutional right to abortion in 1973. Following the decision, the Duchess of Sussex told Vogue that she understands why the topic is so controversial. And Prince Harry’s wife also said that she understands what it feels like to share a connection with what’s growing inside of the womb.

“I know what it feels like to have a connection to what is growing inside of your body. What happens with our bodies is so deeply personal, which can also lead to silence and stigma, even though so many of us deal with personal health crises. The more that we normalize the conversation about the things that affect our lives and bodies, the more people are going to understand how necessary it is to have protections in place,” she said.

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Meghan Markle also said that no one should be forced to make a decision that they do not want to make or that is unsafe for them.

“Frankly, whether it’s a woman being put in an unthinkable situation, a woman not ready to start a family, or even a couple who deserves to plan their family in a way that makes the most sense for them, it’s about having a choice. This is having a very real impact on women’s bodies and lives to start now,” she added.

Meghan Markle Positioned Herself Closer To Her Political Agenda Following Her Comments About Roe V. Wade

Following her statement, Professor Pauline McLaren told Express that the things that the Duchess of Sussex said about Roe v. Wade positioned herself closer to the political arena.

“Meghan is certainly cementing her role as a humanitarian and activist through this role but she is also positioning herself closer to the political arena. These aspects all dovetail with each other as to be an activist is also to be political. Here we should remind ourselves that she is adhering to a key feminist principle reflected in the slogan, 'the personal is political.’ In other words, the personal experiences of women have their origins in their political situation and gender inequality,” McLaren said.

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Is Meghan Markle Running For President?

Throughout the past couple of years, there have been claims that Markle would one day run for office in the United States. Some royal experts are convinced that it’s only a matter of time before she announces her presidential candidacy.

In fact, after Prince Harry announced that they were quitting their royal duties and relocating to the United States, there were whispers that this was partially due to Markle’s political ambitions.

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Meghan Markle Could Leave Prince Harry In Los Angeles While She Pursues A Career In Washington

On his YouTube channel, royal expert Neil Sean also said that Markle would soon pursue the causes that are close to her heart while she’s in Washington. But the move would mean that Prince Harry would be left alone in Los Angeles as a househusband.

“As we've found out Meghan Markle says that she definitely will be going to Washington to support the causes that are close to her heart. While she said previously that she doesn't demand or require a political career, it seems more and more that Meghan shines in the spotlight moving forward in a totally different avenue. Prince Harry, the real royal, seems to be stepping back and becoming something of a househusband,” he said (via The News).

As of late, Markle has not yet announced her plans to run for office. So, it’s still entirely possible for the claims made to just be based on hearsay.

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