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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Shock: Princess Diana's Son Allegedly Trying To Disrupt Father Prince Charles' Future Reign, Duchess Cashing In On Being Royals, Tina Brown Claims

Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry received criticisms from Princess Diana's former biographer. Tina Brown weighed in on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's recent actions and disapproved of them.

Meghan Markle Allegedly Trying To Cashin In On Her Royal Status

Brown spoke on Washington Post Live and said that Meghan Markle had "no purpose" and wanted to "cash in" on the commercial arm using her royal status.

"They wanted to be able to have a commercial arm to their activities. That was the stumbling block. Meghan certainly saw the deals that were there to be made because they were royals," Brown was quoted by Daily Mail as saying.

She added, "It's as though she couldn't resist everything that was on offer on the celebrity buffet. A hunger to avail herself of the global leverage, to live in glorious houses without strings attached."

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She believed that the former Suits star was inspired by former first lady Michelle Obama who has the wealth and stature.

She noted that Prince Harry had always wanted to leave the royal family. However, the Duke of Sussex's world was very different from Markle's, and now she has dragged him into her celebrity world.

Brown said even the Queen knew Prince Harry was unhappy in the palace. However, he didn't find a way out until Markle came into his life because she knew how to work on things.

"Meghan was very much a self-starter, a self-made successful woman. She knew who to call at Netflix. He wasn’t worldly like Meghan was worldly," Brown told Page Six while promoting her book The Palace Papers.

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Meghan Markle's Husband Prince Harry Allegedly Disrupting The Prince Of Wales' Future Reign

While Brown felt that Markle was cashing in on her royal status, her husband was allegedly campaigning against his father's future reign. Prince Harry, who once served the monarchy, seemed not as supportive this time because he was allegedly disrupting it, according to Brown.

"Harry has become a disruptive force in the family," Brown told Marie Claire. "For them, it’s like Diana’s son is continuing the campaign to disrupt Charles’ future reign, and the 'War of the Wales' continues. It’s a very destabilizing factor."

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As for the future of the monarchy, Brown believed it lies in the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. However, she isn't sure if Prince Harry will support his brother.

"When you ask about the future of the monarchy, I think we have in Kate and William absolutely brilliant, well-qualified, and well-trained people positioned as future king and queen," Brown added.

"Whether Harry will let that reign proceed in a way that everybody hopes is the question. He does seem hell-bent right now on disrupting it."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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