Queen Elizabeth Shock: British Monarch Sparks Concern, Hasn't Been Seen In Public After Prince Philip's Memorial Service

Credit: CBS News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: CBS News/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth II just celebrated her 96th birthday. However, many are concerned about her health as they haven't seen her after Prince Philip's memorial service.

Queen Elizabeth II's Lack Of Public Sighting Sparks Health Concerns

The Queen celebrated her birthday last week at the Sandringham estate with the rest of the royal family members. However, many are worried if she is doing fine as they haven't seen her in public after her appearance at the Duke of Edinburgh's special memorial service at Westminster Abbey last month.

"So little worrying, isn't it that she hasn't been seen in public since Prince Philip's Memorial," TV presenter Esther Rantzen said on GB News, per Express. "I'm wondering whether she is feeling a little bit more frail perhaps. But I think if we're delighted to celebrate she will be delighted that we can celebrate."

To celebrate the British monarch's birthday, gun salutes rang out across the capital to mark the event. Prime Minister Boris Johnson also paid tribute to her by praising her for her "dedicated and faultless service" for 70 years.

The members of the royal family also praised her for dedication and service, with many calling her an "inspiration," including Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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Queen Elizabeth II's Last Public Sighting Was Criticized

The Queen received an intense backlash for her most recent public sighting. Her Majesty, who has mobility issues, arrived at the Westminster Abbey with a controversial companion — her son, Prince Andrew.

The sight of the mother and son walking inside the chapel raised several eyebrows because assisting the Queen put the Duke of York front and center during the event. Several were disappointed because many believed the Queen endorsed Princen Andrew by choosing him as her escort, especially since the sighting happened just weeks after he settled the sexual abuse lawsuit with Virginia Giuffre.

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"Her judgment has always been spot on, but this time???" one Twitter user commented.  

"Surely that's why the Queen has advisers, to say, 'That's not going to look good, ma'am.' She let her heart rule her head, and it was the wrong decision," another claimed.  

However, royal commentator Robert Jobson defended the Queen. According to him, the Queen decided to choose the disgraced royal because it was her call. Also, only Prince Andrew among her four children "doesn't have a partner."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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