Meghan Markle Is Delusional For Wanting To Run For President In America? Foreign Policy Expert Reportedly Claims Prince Harry’s Wife Would Be A Spectacular Failure If She Pushes Through With Her Plans

Credit: BUILD Series/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BUILD Series/YouTube Screenshot

Meghan Markle has been sparking rumors that she is planning to run for president in the upcoming elections. Even though the Duchess of Sussex has never once verbalized any intent to run for office, critics and experts are convinced that it’s only a matter of time before she makes an official announcement.

In fact, Meghan Markle allegedly dropped clues about her future plans to take over the White House during her conversation with Gloria Steinem months ago. And even Joe Biden’s sister, Valerie Biden Owens, said that Markle would be a welcome addition to the Democratic party.

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Meghan Markle Should Rethink Her Plans To Run For President Because She Won’t Be Good At The Job

However, foreign policy expert Nile Gardiner wants Markle to rethink any plans that she might have to run for president in the upcoming elections. He said that the Duchess of Sussex would be a spectacular failure in the role. But Gardiner also understands why some Democrats are already showing their support for Prince Harry’s wife.

“Meghan Markle is clearly quite delusional if she thinks she could end up as President of the United States. The fact that her name is being mentioned in these conversations is a demonstration of how desperate the American left is at the moment. Meghan Markle would be a spectacular failure as a presidential contender and would not be a serious contender. But the left in the US is in such a state of decline that all options are on the table with presidential candidates, and Meghan Markle's name is being thrown around as a possibility,” he said (via Express).

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Meghan Markle Not Qualified To Run For President

Gardiner also believes that some Americans would regard Markle as a joke candidate because she’s too unqualified for the job. The Duchess of Sussex has not been appointed or elected as a politician ever, but she has been making a name in recent years because she’s married to the Duke of Sussex.

“She would have zero chance of becoming US President as she has zero qualifications for the job. If she ever did decide to run for the US presidency, the US public would view her as a joke candidate. There would probably be a section on the far left that would support her views, but the vast amount of Americans would view her as vastly unqualified for a presidential run,” he said.

Rumors about Markle potentially running for president have been rife for years. In fact, when Prince Harry and Markle relocated to the United States, some sources claimed that the sudden decision had to do with the latter’s political ambitions.

Since Markle cannot be elected president if she’s residing in the United Kingdom, she allegedly thought that it’s best for her to return home.

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Meghan Markle’s Charities, Speaking Engagements Are Clues To Her Future Plans To Run For Office?

A source also told Vanity Fair that the causes that Markle is involved in right now could greatly affect her future decisions. So, royal fans should watch out and see what the Duchess of Sussex talks about the most in recent times.

“Meghan said her work as a leader is more important than ever right now and that she’s been speaking with Oprah and other community leaders on how she can be part of the solution. Meghan feels like her mission goes far beyond acting. She said she wants to use her voice for change and hasn’t ruled out a career in politics,” the source said.

But until Markle herself announces her plans to run for politics, it’s best to take the reports with a grain of salt because they are just based on speculations.

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