MCU Star Surprisingly Had No Interest in Becoming DC’s Wonder Woman

Evangeline Lilly is full of surprises, as she did not only turn down the potential X-Men role she was offered by Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman, but even the chance of becoming DC's Wonder Woman!

As it turned out, Joss Whedon, who initially reached out to the Lost actress, pitched for the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star into becoming his Wonder Woman. While Whedon’s film didn’t come to fruition, Lilly recalls the director having a ‘slight offense’ taken by her rejection to the role.

“I was okay with that. I was okay with burning bridges.” The 43-year-old actress said in a recent interview on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast, “And honestly, I wasn’t into superhero movies and that’s the main reason why, in both of these instances, I just kind of felt like I don’t know what I get out of this.”

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“I think my impression, coming away from [the role], was I had no desire and [Josh Whedon] could tell.” Lilly added, “It didn’t appeal and there was nothing about the meeting that like, jazzed me or made me think like, ‘Oh, I’ve gotta do this.’ Nothing clicked. Nothing felt good.”

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In the same interview, Lilly admitted turning down Hugh Jackman’s offer for an X-Men role, specifically in 2011’s Reel Steel, however, seeing as the Ant-Man actress was still wrapping up Lost, she couldn’t commit to Jackman’s offer. Though it is interesting that she was more invested in the X-Men opportunity, as she confessed ‘feeling like a dick’ for wasting the chance.

Seeing how James Gunn treated Wonder Woman 3, Lilly may have dodged a bullet on this one. For now, it is safe to say that the actress’ future in the MCU remains with the Ant-Man franchise playing the role of Hope van Dyne.

In the meantime, you can catch up on Evangeline Lilly in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania premiering in theaters on February 17.

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