MCU Star Is Targeting A The Mandalorian Cameo Role

It is only natural for actors to express interest in getting to play a role in the biggest worldwide franchises such as Marvel, DC, and Star Wars, and new Captain America actor Anthony Mackie is not ashamed of it. Mackie, who plays Sam Wilson/Falcon in the MCU, is a big fan of Star Wars, but particularly with The Mandalorian.

Recently speaking with Josh Horowitz on the Happy Sad Confused show, Mackie was quick to reveal his dream of joining The Mandalorian and the Star Wars franchise as a whole: “Yo, when I heard they were doing— this is the one and only time I call my agent, and my manager, and said, ‘It’s gonna be a problem’ was when I heard they were doing The Mandalorian.”

Mackie continued on to describe how much the Star Wars series meant to him and how he would be fitting to be Lando, given that he owns his own helmet: “I was like, ‘Yo, now I ain’t gonna make this no conversation. I ain’t gonna get on no ‘I’m star-type sht.’ Come on. Come on. I am the best. I have the helmet. I can literally show up in my costume from my house, ready to shoot.”

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Throughout the interview, Mackie revealed his obsession with The Mandalorian to the point of nicknaming himself, Lando Mackie outside of work. Unfortunately, he was never offered a job by Lucasfilm despite his dream, seeing as he was also working when The Mandalorian was starting out.

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However, Mackie admits that a cameo appearance in The Mandalorian universe would be more than enough for the actor: “I’m trying to get one of those roles in the background, where they’re doing the thing, and I take off my helmet, and go, ‘That was a long flight.’ That’s it. That’s– all I want is one scene. I just want everybody to know that I was one of them.”

Seeing as Mackie’s MCU role is already under Disney, an offer from Lucasfilm wouldn’t seem so bad, especially since all he wants is to be featured in his dream series. For now though, he is set to return as the new Captain America in Captain America: New World Order, which premieres on May 3, 2024.

Meanwhile, The Mandalorian Season 3 is set to hit Disney+ on March 1.

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