New MCU Report Reveals Massive Changes to the TV Slate This Year

With the launch of Disney+, Marvel Studios has been ramping up more projects than usual as they are now also working on TV shows and special presentations that are part of the MCU. It is a massive jump from the previous years where they usually release around 2 to 3 film projects per year.

However, it has also received criticisms due to the quality of some of the Phase Four projects and concerns that they might be "spreading too thin." In lieu of this, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige addressed the issue recently and said that they will now be producing fewer MCU shows in the future.

Now, a new report from The Hollywood Reporter laid out some interesting details about Marvel Studios' new plans regarding their Disney+ projects as a result of Disney CEO Bob Iger's recent "franchise recession" mandate on their big properties such as Marvel.

"There is going to be a level of rigor on Marvel and across the entire company. Numbers matter now, and costs are going to be outlined and enforced," according to a company insider cited in the report.

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As a result, Secret Invasion and the second season of Loki are now the only MCU shows that will air on Disney+ this year according to the report's sources. Meanwhile, Echo and Ironheart are likely delayed to next year as the studio plans to spread out their content and give more time to tinker in post-production.

This is a huge contrast from the studio's plans during their San Diego Comic-Con presentation last year where they announced that the second season of What If...? and Agatha: Coven of Chaos were also being planned to release this year aside from the four aforementioned shows.

With all the criticisms and concerns that Marvel Studios has received from their Phase Four output, this is certainly proof that they are currently addressing it and making sure that they can retain its quality again similar to their previous years.

We should be hearing more details about Marvel Studios' potential revamp of their slate in the next few years as a result of this "franchise recession."

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