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Max Lloyd-Jones Expresses Desire to Continue Playing Luke Skywalker in Own Series

Credit: Lucasfilm

Disney+ premiered a brand new episode of Disney Gallery last week which focuses on Mark Hamill's cameo as Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian Season 2 and unsurprisingly, the special documentary reignited the hype surrounding Luke's epic Star Wars comeback. Not only that, but it had fans gushing over Hamill's stand-in actor Max Lloyd-Jones who pretty much served as the acting legend's body double.

After seeing the said episode, more and more fans were convinced that if Lucasfilm actually plans to do a standalone Luke Skywalker series, Max should be given the honor of continuing the legacy of the famed Jedi Master. Hamill himself seems to have no problem with it and even he admitted that he shared quite the resemblance with his stand-in actor.

Max isn't that active on Twitter but if you'll check out his liked tweets, the actor is pretty much hinting at his desire to continue playing Luke in the Star Wars franchise, possibly even starring in his own spinoff series. The actor liked a tweet from a fan who started a "campaign" to have Lloyd-Jones stick around in the MandoVerse. Check it out here:

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For months now, the majority of the Star Wars fandom has been eyeing Sebastian Stan to play Luke in a potential spinoff series set in the MandoVerse timeline. But despite the massive clamor, Stan's packed schedule seemingly wouldn't allow for it to happen so I say we better give Max the opportunity of a lifetime. I mean, he pretty much proved that he can do it so there's no point looking for someone else.

Meanwhile, The Mandalorian Season 3 is expected to drop in early 2022.

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