X-Men: First Class Director Matthew Vaughn Expresses Interest to Direct Man of Steel 2

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It's been eight years since Man of Steel was released and yet we still haven't got a sequel to it despite its success and the appearances of Henry Cavill's Superman in subsequent DCEU films. As time passes by, it seems that the chances of a sequel happening are getting slimmer, but Cavill is still not losing hope. Now, a prominent director has expressed his desire to direct the sequel.

Speaking with TheWrap, Matthew Vaughn, who directed X-Men: First Class and the Kingsman films, expressed his interest to direct a sequel to Man of Steel. In fact, he even discussed the time when he pitched an idea for a Superman movie before Man of Steel was made. He said, "I was desperate to do a Superman film. Desperate. I pitched a big Superman movie before they made Man of Steel. I just got to work with Henry Cavill, which was lovely, on Argylle and he’s unbelievable in it. I still think there’s room for a new Superman film, but a proper Superman film. A colorful, fun Superman movie. Not a dark one.

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In addition, Vaughn also candidly shared his opinion that it was a mistake to follow up Man of Steel with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. He said, "I just thought it was a mistake putting the Batman vibe into the Superman world. I just think they’re two separate — they’re just not relatable in any way, in my mind. It should be fun. I mean, look, The Dark Knight was obviously different, and it made sense and it was brilliant, as a film and as a comic. But Superman was always… I loved the [Richard] Donner Superman movie, and I think Wonder Woman worked because, I think, Wonder Woman was basically remaking [Donner’s] Superman in a weird way. Yeah, I love Superman."

Vaughn might be a great choice as the director for a potential Man of Steel sequel. He has experience in working on comic book movies with X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass, and the Kingsman films. He has also proven in his previous works that he can do great action films. He also recently worked with Cavill and we know that they already have a good working relationship. Vaughn's vision for the film sounds like it will harken to its original roots which might appease fans who didn't like Man of Steel for its darker tone.

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It's still hard to tell if Warner Bros. and DC are still interested to do another Superman movie with Cavill especially since the actor's future as the caped hero is still uncertain as we didn't hear any news that he will be part of any upcoming DCEU films. Hopefully, we'll get to see Cavill get back on the cape again soon whether it's in a Man of Steel sequel or in another DCEU film.