Man of Steel Star Henry Cavill is Just Waiting for WB's Phone Call to Reprise Role

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Credit: WB

Henry Cavill's version of Superman was initially met with mixed reception from the DC fandom but over the years, people have grown to appreciate his "darker" and more serious take on the character. However, just as fans were ready to embrace him as the Man of Steel, Warner Bros. seemingly had a change of heart about keeping Cavill on board and as it stands, the production company has yet to give us some much-needed update regarding the true status of the British actor in the DC Extended Universe.

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Credit: WB

Despite the evident lack of plans WB and DC Films have for Cavill, the actor has remained optimistic that he'll get to reprise the iconic role, potentially in the long-overdue Man of Steel sequel, a project that was previously under development before the studios decided to do some reshuffling.

In fact, Cavill has actively been expressing his desire to return to the DCEU while promoting his side projects. Appearing on Lorraine, the star of Netflix's hit action-fantasy series The Witcher said that he still keeps his Superman costume and is just waiting for WB to give him a call. He said: "I do still have the outfit. Just in case, yes I do, yes I do. Ready and waiting for the phone calls."

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I gotta say, it's already getting a little frustrating how WB and DC Films continue to ignore the fans who have been clamoring to see Henry back in the DCEU. I mean, Superman is the franchise's flagship hero after all and it wouldn't make sense for them to move on with the DCEU without him. So what's stopping them from actually giving Cavill his much-deserved Man of Steel 2?

Meanwhile, Henry Cavill is set to return as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher Season 2.