Who Dies in Mask Girl?

Mo-mi sad in Mask Girl
Credit: Netflix

Mo-mi sad in Mask Girl
Credit: Netflix

Mask Girl is a story about Kim Mo-mi, an insecure girl who becomes a masked live-streamer by night. Her decision leads to a series of unfortunate events, including numerous deaths. Here’s a list of people who die in Mask Girl.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Mask Girl. Read at your own risk!

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Does Kim Mo-mi (Mask Girl) Die?

Kim Mo-mi, the show’s main character dies in the ending of Mask Girl. She died while trying to save her daughter from her grandmother, Kim Kyung-ja.

Kim Mo-mi was a person who was insecure about her looks. She always wanted to become a celebrity, but people just didn’t accept her because of her face. So, she decides to become a masked internet personality instead.

Sadly, for Mo-mi, her internet fame led to a series of unfortunate events. She eventually ends up in jail for murder cases and leaves her daughter, Mi-mo, to her mother.

However, after learning that her daughter’s life is in danger, she manages to escape. But Mo-mi doesn’t get to be with her daughter very long. In fact, the only time she was able to spend with Mi-mo was when she was saving her from Kyung-ja.

While Mo-mi did manage to get her daughter out of Kyung-ja’s house, the latter arrives with a gun. She tells Mo-mi that she should know what it feels like to lose a child.

Kyung-ja aims at Mi-mo and shoots, but Mo-mi shields her daughter. Mo-mi is the one who ended up getting shot, and she dies in her daughter’s arms.

The Mask Girl finale ends with Mi-mo watching a video of her mother dancing during her younger years.

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Kim Kyung-ja

Kyung-ja looking up in Mask Girl
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Credit: Netflix

Kim Kyung-ja dies (twice) in Mask Girl too. When Kyung-ja finds out that Mask Girl was behind her son’s death, she swore to get her revenge.

She even went to extremes just to do so. She learned the ways of the internet. She got plastic surgery. She befriended Mo-mi’s daughter.

Her first death occurred when she was chasing Mo-mi and her best friend, Chun-ae. Things did not end well for her, and later on, Mo-mi drowns her inside a car.

But unfortunately for Mo-mi, Kyung-ja survives and visits her in prison. That old lady is (was) stronger than you think.

Her final death happens just as she killed Mo-mi. Mo-mi ends up getting shot by Kyung-ja, but the latter doesn’t survive either. The police arrive at the scene and shoot Kyung-ja.

So, no one really wins in the fight between Mo-mi and Kyung-ja since they both end up dead.

Ju Oh-nam (Once Upon A Prince)

Oh-nam looking at a screen and smiling
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Credit: Netflix

Ju Oh-nam’s death is what triggered Kyung-ja to get her revenge on Mo-mi. While Mo-mi was obsessed with her boss, Mr. Park, Oh-nam was obsessed with her.

After Oh-nam rushes to find Mo-mi and protect her, it appeared that he was one of the good guys. However, he’s not so different from Handsome Monk (discussed below).

Oh-nam rapes Mo-mi, which led to the latter stabbing him. Mo-mi ends up getting pregnant with his child and decides to keep the baby. However, due to her own crimes, she asks her mother to raise her child.

Sim Young-hee

Young-hee surprised in Mask Girl
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Credit: Netflix

Sim Young-hee, Mo-mi’s mother, dies in the Mask Girl finale. Mo-mi’s mother wasn’t a very good person either. If she called Mo-mi pretty when she was younger, maybe things would have ended differently for her.

She even refused to raise Mi-mo, which forced Mo-mi to leave her baby at her doorstep. Young-hee eventually raises Mi-mo, but she despises the latter for being like her mother.

In the end, it appears that she actually cared for them. She rushes to save Mi-mo, and when she gets stabbed by Kyung-ja, she tells Mo-mi to find her daughter first. Before she takes her last breath, Young-hee apologizes to Mi-mo.

Kim Chun-ae

Chun-ae looking at Mo-mi
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Credit: Netflix

Kim Chun-ae, Mo-mi’s best friend, dies in Mask Girl. Chun-ae was probably the only true friend Mo-mi really had. Chun-ae knew everything about Mo-mi’s past, and she could relate to her, which led to them becoming friends.

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Chun-ae grew up a shy kid, and she had a crush on her class named Bu-yong. He was set to become a K-pop idol. When Bu-yong notices that Chun-ae likes him, he takes advantage of her feelings.

He borrows money from her without paying her back. Eventually, Chun-ae exposes Bu-yong’s misdeeds, which led to him losing his career. Chun-ae also gets plastic surgery to become beautiful.

She starts working in a club, and this is where she meets Mo-mi. After Kyung-ja accuses Chun-ae of being Mask Girl, the latter warns Mo-mi that Oh-nam’s mother is after her.

Chun-ae and Mo-mi attempt to go away, but Kyung-ja catches up to them. Chun-ae tries to protect Mo-mi by telling Kyung-ja that she is Mo-mi, but Kyung-ja decides to kill both of them.

Chun-ae gets shot, and in her last moments, she hits Kyung-ja with a rock. Chun-ae dies while saving both Mo-mi and her unborn child.

Choi Bu-yong

Bu-yung looking at Chun-ae
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Credit: Netflix

Bu-yong was Chun-ae’s childhood crush. When Chun-ae sees him after many years, she feels guilty about what happened to him. So, she invites Bu-yong to live with her while he finds a job.

However, Bu-yong finds out that it was Chun-ae who exposed him years ago. He then starts hurting her physically. Bu-yong catches Chun-ae leaving and hits her again. Mo-mi arrives, and they both end up killing Bu-yong.

Handsome Monk

Handsome Monk talking to Mask Girl
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Credit: Netflix

Handsome Monk’s death is the first one in Mask Girl. Handsome Monk appeared as someone who was sincerely interested in Mo-mi.

He even says she's pretty. However, it is later revealed that Handsome Monk just wanted to take advantage of Mask Girl. He brings her to a hotel and attempts to rape her, but he ends up getting a head injury.

Mo-mi thinks she killed Handsome Monk, and Oh-nam arrives and tells her that he would take care of the situation. Later on, it is revealed that Handsome Monk is actually still alive, but Oh-nam ultimately kills him.

Handsome Monk’s death then starts a series of other deaths in Mask Girl.

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