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Lee Han-byul as Kim Mo-mi in Mask Girl
Credit: Netflix

Lee Han-byul as Kim Mo-mi in Mask Girl
Credit: Netflix

Before Netflix released the show Mask Girl, it didn't create a lot of hype about it. The streaming platform did not even reveal the complete list of actors making up the Mask Girl cast.

So, when the show came out, many were shocked by the rest of the actors who appeared on the show.

One of the things that intrigued viewers was the identity of an unnamed actress who would be portraying Kim Mo-Mi, the lead character in the show.

The only actors and actresses that Netflix announced to be part of the Mask Girl cast were the following:

  • Go Hyun-jung as Kim Mo-mi
  • Nana as Kim Mo-mi
  • Yeom Hye-ran as Kim Kyung-ja
  • Ahn Jae-hong as Ju Oh-nam
  • Choi Daniel as Park Gi-hun

So, who were the surprise actors and actresses that appeared in Mask Girl? Here's our list of the most noteworthy characters in the show and who played them.

Lee Han-byul as Kim Mo-mi

Lee Han-byul as Kim Mo-mi in Mask Girl
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Credit: Netflix

First, let's start with the rookie actress who played the original Kim Mo-mi role. Netflix kept Lee Han-byul's involvement in the series a secret. This is also her debut project as an actress.

She even beat the competition rate for the role by 1000:1 as she was deemed perfect for the part of the webtoon lead.

Since casting was done at the height of the pandemic, Han-byul had to submit a video clip in a virtual audition.

But after getting chosen to play the role, director Kim Yong-hoon told Naver:

“I met Lee Han-byul fatefully among many actors during auditions. Her strong desire to act resonated with the emotions that Kim Mo-mi feels.”

Han-byul is just one of the three actresses playing Kim Mo-mi in Mask Girl. We have another article that explains why there are three actresses in the role:

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Han Jae-y as Kim Chun-ae

Han Jae-y as Kim Chun-ae in Mask Girl
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Credit: Netflix

Another actress that we didn't know starred in Mask Girl is Han Jae-y. In Mask Girl, Jae-y plays the role of Kim Chun-ae, who appeared in episodes three and four.

She was briefly mistaken by Kyung-ja as the new Mo-mi, after she underwent plastic surgery and murdered Oh-nam.

After getting abducted by Kyung-ja, Chun-ae tells her about A-reum (played by Nana), her colleague and rival at the bar she dances in. Chun-ae shares that A-reum is likely Mo-mi since that's where she got the iconic necklace from.

Kyung-ja trusted Chun-ae after promising that she'll lead her to Mo-mi/A-reum. But what she didn't realize is that Chun-ae and Mo-mi were actually best friends.

After meeting A-reum at the bar, Chun-ae realized that they both had similar paths in life. The two had to resort to plastic surgery to change their appearance and gain self-confidence.

Unlike A-reum, though, Chun-ae wanted to move on from a heartbreak. After learning that her crush, Choi Bu-yong (played by Lee Jun-young) was using her for money, Chun-ae exposed him to his fans. This led to Bu-yong's downfall.

After her surgery, Chun-ae gained success as a performer. One day, she came across Bu-yong, who she felt guilty of. The two got together again and she welcomed him into her home.

Unfortunately, Bu-yong became lazy and did not look for a job. Instead, he kept playing video games at Chun-ae's home all day and leeched off her money.

Nana as Kim Mo-mi/A-reum in Mask Girl
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Credit: Netflix

When Chun-ae had enough, Bu-yong beat her. So when she decided to leave with A-reum, Chun-ae collected her dog and her valuables at home.

Unfortunately, Bu-yong learned her plan and tried to beat her. If not for A-reum, Chun-ae could have been killed. The two girls strangled him to death and stuck his body in a suitcase.

As they were throwing the suitcase into a river, Kyung-ja caught up to them and shot Chun-ae. A-reum hit her in the head and trapped her in a car before pushing it into the river.

A-reum escapes by herself while everyone else is dead.

Jae-y is no stranger to K-dramas. Apart from Mask Girl, she has starred in See You in My 19th Life and Hotel Del Luna.

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Shin Ye-seo as Kim Mi-mo

Lee Han-byul as Kim Mo-mi in Mask Girl
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Credit: Netflix

Another exemplary actress that starred in the Netflix K-drama is Shin Ye-seo, who played the role of Mo-mi's daughter.

Growing up, Ye-seo never knew who her mother was aside from what her grandmother told her. She also learned at an early age that her mother was a serial killer and was in prison for her crimes.

After facing multiple betrayals from friends, Mi-mo had no choice but to keep moving to a different school. She only gained comfort from her tteokbokki granny, an old lady who sold tteokbokki outside her school.

She later befriends another girl, Kim Ye-chun (played by Kim Min-seo), who lies about having an alcoholic father just so she could be cool.

But as things get real, Mi-mo learns that people aren't always who they say they are. And it is up to her mom to help save her.

Ye-seo has only been in two other dramas apart from Mask Girl: Racket Boys and 365: Repeat The Year.

Park Jeong-hwa as Lee A-reum

Park Jeong-hwa as Lee A-reum in Mask Girl
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Credit: Netflix

K-pop singer, Park Jeong-hwa, is also part of the cast of Mask Girl. The EXID singer plays the role of Lee A-reum, an officemate of Kim Mo-mi from Daehan Insurance Company.

Although she doesn't have too many lines in the show, A-reum played the role of Park Gi-hun's mistress. When Mo-mi discovers this, she gets heartbroken and ends up exposing her naked body in the livestream.

This causes her to get suspended from the streaming site. She also exposes the couple's affair by spreading it as a rumor.

Jeong-hwa has starred in other K-dramas like The Interest of Love and One the Woman.

These are the notable actors and actresses that were never mentioned in articles about Mask Girl. But their performance in the show are definitely worth it.

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